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  • Extra Extra #37

    It's Extra Extra and it's from the SMA tour bus! Chris and Rosie play this week's game on their way home from their Sheffield show and it's animal themed. Do dogs worry at night? Can cats hold grudges and did a school evacuate because of a fat cat?

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  • Ep 247. Incense Sisters

    There’s a lot to get through on this week’s podcast, and it’s hot one! Chris and Rosie discuss the ongoing saga of Elf on the Shelf, why Rosie is thinking about having another baby(!) and general bin problems. QFTP’s involve a couple of icks, a very accidental man and a story involving a reed diffuser that will really stay with you! 
  • Ep 246. A new low

    The Ramsey's return for tour chat, fresh beefs and some massage based chat that leads to various questions. The brilliant QFTP's which involve misheard dirty talk, a bag for life and a school rumour.
  • Extra Extra #36

    Electric toothbrushes, a sun burn competition and an intimate flat share are all discussed by Chris and Rosie this week and all from their hotel room in Cardiff!
  • Ep 245. Serial Sanitiser

    This week the Ramsey's record the podcast on the road! The tour is in full swing but Rosie is still getting to grips with the geography of where they are exactly. The pair manage some tour beef and they also discuss the pros of having parties when there's no kids allowed. All of this plus some brilliant QFTP's including a story about women, a flip flop and some serious exhibitionism.
  • Ep 244. *QFTP Special*

    The Shagged Married Annoyed tour is in full swing so this week The Ramsey's bring you a Question From the Public (Public Public PPPPPP Public) Special! There's strippers, pet shops, fun times up a mountain and a trip to Ayia Napa! Enjoy this week's special episode and Chris and Rosie will be back in your ears next week.
  • Extra Extra #35

    Chocolate milk, traffic jam rescue plans and suspicious partners all feature on this week's Extra Extra. There's a bonus round AND Chris gives himself an award.