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Season 1, Ep. 16

This episode of Slept On Cinema features our very first celebrity guest, Lily Nicole! Lily plays Fred in the movie Birdies, an exciting comedy and the funniest golf movie since Caddyshack.

It was a blast having Lily on the show and we’re certain you’ll have just as much fun as we did listening to her as you will watching Birdies.

“I don’t care if you like golf or if you like comedy, this movie is going to be something for you”

-Lily Nicole

Birdies is now available on Amazon Prime,, Vimeo, AppleTV, and Roku! 

Birdies is a tale about a washed-up golf phenom, Jake Baxter, who gets hired as the new pro at a deteriorating golf club, Twin Pines. Follow along as he enters a raucous world where catching a buzz is par for the course, and is vastly unprepared to take on his former rival in the annual tournament.


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