SKUFood Talks


SKUFood Talks: Eric Bosveld

Season 1, Ep. 8

This episode of SKUFood Talks is with Eric Bosveld. Eric leads the Food and Agribusiness mergers and acquisitions advisory practice at SDR Ventures, a middle market investment bank based in Denver, CO.  He works with clients in both Canada and the U.S. from his office in London, Ontario. Eric also assists clients with their strategies to drive profit, accelerate growth, reduce risk and accelerate enterprise value.  He has extensive experience with Private Equity firms interested in acquiring agribusiness and/or food related companies as add-ons and/or platform investments. Eric has worked on and complete numerous M&A transactions across a wide range of manufacturing, distribution and service related businesses that serve or participate in the agribusiness, horticultural, food and green space industries.

We discuss:

  • The decision to sell a business
  • When is the appropriate time to start thinking of a sale?
  • How you can find the right person to help you
  • What should be done to get ready?
  • The value an outsider can bring to the transaction

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