Six Unseemly Questions

Victor Varnado (Conan, VICE) hosts a comedy interview gameshow, asks an interview subject 6 probing questions, and scores them on their response. Guests from film, TV, media, and the streets. Winners take home five whole dollars. Shakir Standley co-hosts the shit out of this show as well.

Victor Varnado

Victor Varnado is a comedian, producer, and filmmaker who has created and produced for Comedy Central, TruTV, VH1, and NERDIST. His writing has been published on VICE, Salon, and with Marvel Comics. Recently his cartooning work has been released by MAD Magazine's online site. As a comedian, he has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

Shakir Standley

Shakir Standley, also known as (Shak) is an American comedian, host, DJ, and writer, best known for doing stand-up on Last Comic Standing and for being one of the recurring cast members from Season 6 to Season 7 of the improv comedy show, Wild 'N Out, on MTV2.