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Sista Sister with Candice Brathwaite

Friends with Pandora Sykes

Season 1, Ep. 1

In this first episode of SISTA SISTER, Candice speaks to journalist, bestselling author and chart-topping podcaster Pandora Sykes about the subject of friendship.  


Friendships got pushed down the priority list thanks to the pandemic. Now that the world is opening up again do we need to think differently about friendships and what they mean? Strap in for a full, frank and fun discussion! 


SISTA SISTER is out now in hardback, eBook and Audiobook 


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Pandora's book HOW DO WE KNOW WE ARE DOING IT RIGHT is out now 

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  • 5. Family with Remi Sadé

    This week on the Sista Sister podcast Candice gets her teeth into the complex subject of family. She's joined by one of her own chosen family members, her best friend Remi Sadé. Remi is a writer and activist. You can check out her work here or follow her on Instagram @remi.sade. Please don't forget to rate and review the podcast, and remeber to check out Candice's new book SISTA SISTER which is out now in hardback, eBook and audio.
  • 4. Hair with Rachel Ama

    This week Candice tackles the important and complex subject of hair with author and cook Rachel Ama, and their fascinating conversation covers a lot more ground besides. A really top notch chat!Rachel's new book ONE POT THREE WAYS is full of simple, affordable and delicious plant-based recipes. it's out on 26th August and you can pre-order now. SISTA SISTER is our now in hardback, eBook and audiobook.
  • 3. Money with Otegha Uwagba

    This week on the SISTA SISTER podcast Candice turns to the topic of money. Diving in with her is author, speaker and brand consultant Otegha Uwagba. SISTA SISTER is out now in hardback, eBook and Audiobook You can follow Candice on Instagram @candicebrathwaite or visit Otegha is on Twitter @OteghaUwagba. You can order her new book WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT MONEY here 
  • 2. Social Media with Chanel Ambrose

    This week on the SISTA SISTER podcast Candice has a great time talking to content creator, entrepreneur and one of her own personal social media heroes, Chanel Ambrose.  Chanel and Candice dive into some of the issues facing black content creators including trolling, unfair payment in comparison to some of their peers, the struggles that can come with success and loads more besides. This one is full of gems!SISTA SISTER is out now in hardback, eBook and Audiobook You can follow Candice on Instagram @candicebrathwaite or visit You can find Chanel on Instagram too @chanelambrose  
  • Introducing the Sista Sister podcast with Candice Brathwaite

    SISTA SISTER is a podcast all about friendships, family, finances and everything in between. Each week host Candice Brathwite is joined by different guest to delve into the lessons they've learned the hard way so you don't have to.Candice's new book SISTA SISTER is out in hardback, eBook and audiobook on 8th July. Order your copy now