• 3. Singularities : Three

    Concluding segment of an unyieldingly unflinching contemplation of weighty concepts from the team who won last year's Press Society Meaty Probe for Profound Insight. A wide and pliant cross-section of society makes use of lockdown time to both ponder big ideas and offer them to you in a punnet of utterances. This week : TIME. Researchers : Jonathan Hearn, Sam Golin, Poppy Hillstead, Naomi Cooper, Conor Drum and James Shakeshaft. Produced and stroked by Dartin Mempsey.
  • 2. Singularities : Two

    Part 2 of the incisive Award-hoovering series in which folk from all backgrounds take the opportunity offered by lockdown to ruminate on life's big questions. This week : L0VE. Researchers : Maria Shehata, Joe Jacobs, James Shakeshaft, Poppy Hillstead, David Mills, Jonathan Hearn, Sam Golin and Declan Kennedy. Produced by Dartin Mempsey. Recipient of the Vague Infant of Helsinki 2018. Additional material by the cast.
  • 1. Singularities : One

    Award-winning documentary series. With time on their hands during lockdown, a wide cross-section of folk from varying walks of life ponder a single universal concept. Recorded just as restrictions were being imposed, this first programme deals with PAIN. Researchers : Poppy Hillstead, Jonathan Hearn, James Shakeshaft, Joe Jacobs and Declan Kennedy. Produced by Dartin Mempsey. Additional material by the cast.