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Tax Evasion versus Avoidance with CPA Robert Nordlander

Ep. 400

Ever wondered what it's like on the other side of an IRS audit? Join us for an illuminating discussion with Robert Norland, a former IRS special agent, who gives us an insider's view of the entire auditing process, and the difference between a criminal and civil investigation. We will unveil the veiled practices of the IRS in assessing and collecting taxes. We discuss the weighty topic of tax evasion and avoidance, and what makes an expense a legitimate business one. 

How often do people get flagged or audited by the IRS? What are the odds? Together with Robert, we delve into these aspects, shedding light on how technology, specifically artificial intelligence, is aiding the IRS in catching tax evasion and fraud cases. We turn the spotlight on the 2018 security act and how it brought changes to IRS tax filings. To top it off, we also discuss the indicators of fraud that the IRS watches for, giving you insights on what not to do.

Finally, imagine saving money through real estate taxes. That's right! We explore the world of real estate tax incentives, how you can leverage them, and where to find resources to learn more. Special guest Robert Norland shares his knowledge on this intriguing topic. This episode is sure to be a game-changer in your approach towards tax strategies. So, buckle up to gain a better understanding of the IRS and how to navigate your tax strategy like a pro.

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  • 444. From Engineering to Real Estate: Lane Kawaoka's Journey

    Check out our past deals, future ones, and join our community: this episode of 'The Engineering Project Management Podcast', we feature a replay of Lane Kawaoka's guest appearance on another podcast. Lane, a former professional engineer, shares invaluable insights into his transition from engineering and construction management to real estate investing. Learn about key financial strategies, the impact of project management principles on real estate development, and hear updates on current market trends such as CPI inflation and unemployment rates. Discover Lane's journey, investment philosophy, and practical advice for engineers looking to elevate their financial success. Plus, get an overview of Lane's new book, 'The Wealth Elevator', which details the various floors of wealth-building for different financial profiles.00:00 Introduction and Podcast Replay Announcement00:10 Current Economic Updates: Inflation and Unemployment01:17 Apartment Market Trends and Investment Opportunities02:39 Personal Investment Strategies and Ventures04:58 Guest Introduction: Lane Kawaoka's Journey05:27 From Engineering to Real Estate: Lane's Career Path07:43 The Wealth Elevator: Book Insights and Financial Strategies12:23 Real Estate Investment Tips for Engineers17:51 Project Management in Real Estate Development27:12 Risk Management and Market Downturns31:59 Final Advice and Resources
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  • 441. Peter Linneman Part 1: Exposing the Flaw in Inflation Calculation

    Check out our past deals, future ones, and join our community: this week's podcast, we are joined by repeat guest Peter Linneman to discuss the flaws in the inflation calculation, specifically focusing on the role of housing and apartment rents in the CPI. We delve into the delayed impact of rental rates on inflation statistics and the broader economic implications, including the effects on the real estate market and investment strategies. Additionally, we cover the challenges people face with health screenings for insurance policies and the importance of timely financial planning. This episode provides an insightful analysis of the post-pandemic economic recovery, highlighting the shortcomings of traditional views on inflation and the Fed's response.00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction00:07 Flaws in Inflation Calculation00:43 Current Real Estate Market Trends01:09 Investment Strategies and Market Timing01:59 Infinite Banking and Health Screenings03:52 Guest Reintroduction and Background04:40 Economic Recovery Post-Pandemic09:28 Media Influence and Social Media Impact12:52 Inflation Analysis and Housing Impact22:11 Fed's Role and Economic Tools28:19 Conclusion and Future Expectations
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  • 439. HELOCs + New "HE Loans" from Primary Residences [Access Your Liquidity]

    Check out our past deals, future ones, and join our community: today's podcast episode, we dive into the foundational concepts of wealth-building as covered in the first floor of the 'Wealth Elevator.' We discuss strategies for accredited investors aiming to enhance their net worth and navigate from smaller rental properties to syndications and private placements. We are joined by mortgage lender Graham Parham, who will share insights on the latest mortgage lending rates, HELOCs, and HELOANs, along with smart tactics for extracting and deploying equity. We also explore an almost accredited investor's portfolio and offer tailored advice for optimizing their financial growth. Learn the importance of alternative investments, tax savings, and strategic financial tools like infinite banking and high-yield savings accounts to expedite your journey to financial freedom. Don't miss out on this comprehensive guide filled with valuable tips and insights to help you build and manage your wealth effectively.00:00 Introduction to the Wealth Elevator00:18 Understanding the First Floor of Wealth01:01 Coaching Session: Avoiding Common Investment Mistakes01:46 Profile Analysis: Financial Strategies for Mid-30s Investors04:06 Alternative Investments and Tax Strategies05:00 Emergency Savings and Investment Allocation06:06 Maximizing Tax Savings with Alternative Investments06:32 The FIRE Movement and IRA Accounts06:56 Joining the Wealth Elevator Club09:41 Introduction to Mortgage Lending and HELOCs10:57 Understanding HELOCs and HE Loans14:25 Investment Strategies Using HELOCs19:57 Current Market Conditions and HELOC Rates21:07 Final Thoughts and Investor Advice
  • 438. Doctor to Real Estate Mogul w/ Buck Joffrey: % income to invest?

    Check out our past deals, future ones, and join our community: with Buck Joffrey about recent shifts in the real estate market and the pitfalls many new investors encounter. Lane offers a cautionary tale of 'lazy investing' and emphasizes the importance of vetting operators with significant assets under management. The discussion delves into the rise of the multifamily market, the impact of poor operators, and the need for high-caliber investors. Buck Joffrey shares his journey from a doctor to a successful real estate investor, offering advice on recognizing market bubbles, diversifying investments, and the implications of recent economic trends. Tune in for valuable insights and lessons learned from seasoned investors in the field.00:00 Introduction and Market Overview00:10 Common Mistakes in Investing00:44 The Rise of Multifamily Millionaire Investors01:35 Evaluating Operators and Syndicators03:45 Current Market Opportunities and Cautions08:04 Interview with Buck Joffrey: Background and Early Investments13:06 Lessons Learned and Future Outlook24:54 Diversification and Alternative Investments31:01 Inflation, Interest Rates, and Market Predictions35:55 Conclusion and Final Thoughts
  • 437. 2024 Quarter 2 Preview: Real Estate Market & Economic Analysis

    Check out our past deals, future ones, and join our community: this podcast episode, we dive deep into the latest quarterly report, reviewing past quarters and predicting the upcoming one. Key topics include rising bankruptcy filings, the state of commercial real estate, and the significant distress in the healthcare sector. We also discuss investment opportunities, Blackstone's recent major acquisitions, cap rates, and interest rate trends. Insights on inflation, economic modulation by the Fed, and future market conditions are highlighted, alongside practical advice for investors navigating today's challenging market landscape. Tune in for comprehensive analysis, valuable resources, and strategic investment recommendations.00:00 Welcome and Quarterly Report Overview00:22 Economic Trends and Bankruptcy Filings Insights01:21 Real Estate Market Dynamics and Investment Strategies01:42 Navigating Debt Funds and Investment Risks04:35 Quarterly Economic Review and Predictions12:18 Real Estate Investment Opportunities and Strategies29:20 Understanding Market Cycles and Investment Timing42:09 Investment Philosophy and the Path Forward43:16 Personal Reflections and Closing Thoughts
  • 436. Suicide: Navigating Mental Health Challenges

    Introducing "The Rich Life Podcast"This podcast episode takes a different angle from the usual financial discussions on the Wealth Elevator podcast by focusing on mental health, particularly the impact of suicide and the importance of seeking professional support during tough times. The host announces a new spinoff podcast, The Rich Life, dedicated to mindset, mental health, and personal development. Drawing from personal experiences and the economic downturn's effect on the real estate market, the episode highlights the emotional challenges faced by individuals in these situations. Guest speaker Frank King, a comedian who shares his own battle with depression and suicidal thoughts, adds depth to the discussion by emphasizing the importance of recognizing signs of suicidal behavior and encouraging open conversations about mental health. The episode aims to foster a community of kindness, mutual support, and understanding, particularly among men who may struggle with reaching out for help during difficult transitions in life.00:00 Introducing The Rich Life Podcast00:26 Discussing Mental Health and Suicide Prevention02:17 Frank King Shares His Personal Journey04:32 Understanding Suicide: Myths, Motivations, and Prevention07:31 Identifying and Addressing Signs of Suicidal Thoughts10:17 Practical Advice for Those Struggling or Supporting Others15:09 Addressing the Gender Gap in Suicide Rates17:37 Closing Thoughts and Resources