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Investor Weekly News Update | July 24, 2023

Ep. 397

In this week's Investor Weekly News Update for July 24th, several topics are covered.

Crowdfunding Website Bankruptcy: The crowdfunding website, Nightingale Office Real Estate Investments on Cross Street, has filed for bankruptcy due to inadequate due diligence on their part. This has surprised many as crowdfunding websites were thought to act as broker-dealers, but they do carry some risks for investors.

Real Estate Market Review: The new home market has been thriving in the first half of 2023, despite high mortgage rates. However, there are concerns about a potential downturn in 2024 due to a decrease in new construction projects.

Top States for Relocation: Texas and Florida are the most sought-after locations for people looking to move across state lines, while Florida sees the highest volume of search queries from residents wanting to leave the state.

Rising Insurance Costs: Insurance premiums for multifamily and commercial properties have been increasing due to inflation and catastrophic risks. Some locations, particularly on the Gulf Coast, have seen significant rises in insurance costs.

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    This episode of the "Wealth Elevator Podcast" guides listeners through the journey from owning rental properties to achieving multi-millionaire status. It focuses on transitioning from labor-intensive earning to smart investing in syndications and private placements. The host, a former engineer and now an accredited investor, shares his personal experiences and strategies for financial freedom. Key topics include understanding net worth growth, effective asset allocation, leveraging tax strategies, and avoiding common investment pitfalls. The podcast emphasizes diversifying real estate portfolios, optimizing tax benefits, and adopting advanced wealth-building tactics for accelerated financial growth.Video Timestamps with Descriptions00:03:00 - "Rising to the Second Floor: Advanced Net Worth Strategies"00:07:06 - "From Engineer to Investor: My Personal Journey"00:10:15 - "Maximizing Returns: The Power of Syndications"00:14:24 - "Beyond Rental Properties: A New Era of Investing"00:17:40 - "Strategic Wealth Growth: Achieving the Multi-Million Milestone"00:22:05 - "Key Tax Strategies for the Savvy Investor"00:27:03 - "The Wealth Elevator Mindset: Building and Diversifying Your Portfolio"00:31:58 - "Reaching the Penthouse: Goals and Strategies for Advanced Investors"
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    The Wealth Elevator podcast's latest episode, hosted by Lane Kawaoka, delves into the transition from the basement floor to floor one, targeting small investors aiming for financial freedom with a net worth between $50,000 to $500,000 and a monthly cash flow of $0 to $5,000. The focus on cultivating a savvy money mindset and values is emphasized, drawing from Lane's personal journey as an engineer who saved aggressively.The narrative shifts from traditional investing to the first floor's strategy, with Lane advocating for diversification into rental properties over conventional options like the 401k. The four key reasons to invest in rental properties—cash flow, appreciation, tax benefits, and leverage—are explored, emphasizing their potential to boost income and motivate additional savings.Lane acknowledges the challenges, including dealing with tenants and property maintenance, but underscores the benefits of diversification within a portfolio. He encourages a gradual approach, highlighting the journey from saving a few thousand dollars monthly to significant increases in net worth over time.The podcast discourages alternative investments like Airbnb short-term rentals and advises against vacation homes, favoring long-term rentals catering to the broader market, especially during economic downturns.The episode elaborates on the tax benefits of real estate investments, with Lane advocating for a shift from traditional retirement plans to alternative approaches. Business expenses, such as equipment and meals, are discussed as deductible items, with a call for better understanding and collaboration with knowledgeable CPAs.The conclusion emphasizes that the first floor is a training ground for learning the art of saving, budgeting, and investing in rental properties. Lane encourages the implementation of legal entities, asset protection, and tax strategies for long-term wealth building. He invites listeners to join upcoming episodes exploring strategies for ascending to higher floors, stressing the importance of sharing the podcast with like-minded friends for a supportive community.
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    In this episode of The Wealth Elevator podcast, Lane explores the foundational "basement level" of The Wealth Elevator, emphasizing the challenges of information overload for higher net worth individuals. The discussion covers personal experiences, the traditional linear path of financial success, and the importance of discernment and financial tools. Lane addresses distinguishing between good and bad debt, the significance of budgeting, and the value of building a financial foundation. He encourages listeners in the basement to appreciate the process, emphasizing the eventual financial growth. The episode concludes with a preview of upcoming discussions on the wealth elevator's other floors.
  • 1. The Wealth Elevator: The Rebrand

    Welcome aboard "The Wealth Elevator," where financial independence is the ultimate destination. Join our host as they guide you through the rebranding journey in the first episode of the introduction series. Discover the inspiration behind the rebrand, rooted in the upcoming book, "The Wealth Elevator," and learn how the frustration of navigating the personal finance blogsphere birthed this cheat code to financial independence.In this episode, delve into the meticulous process of rebranding, from a complete overhaul of colors and logos to the revamped website structure at Say goodbye to the overwhelming Simple Passive Cashflow era as the podcast evolves into a user-friendly platform, tailored for both newbies and seasoned investors.Explore the promises of the rebrand, from a fresh look and enhanced functionality to refreshed e-courses for existing members and an invitation for newcomers to join ⁠The Wealth Elevator Club⁠. The transition extends to social media, offering short-form content to cater to diverse preferences.Discover the wealth of knowledge waiting for you in the new member section, featuring e-courses on infinite banking, accredited investor banking, and specialized content for passive investors. The Wealth Elevator goes beyond real estate, encompassing taxes and future ventures, with the host acting as a personal Guinea pig to bring the best practices back to you.Uncover the podcast's mission: educating the next generation on unconventional wealth-building tactics. The rebrand, book, and community work together to provide a meaningful path to financial independence. Join the call to action, share information, connect with the community, and let's elevate each other together.Ponder the metaphor of the elevator as the host guides you through different floors. Pay it forward as you reach financial success, sending the elevator back down for others. Experience a seamless transition through the rebrand, with the team at ⁠⁠ ready to assist. Connect personally by calling 808-215-5531 for support.As the episode concludes, remember the purpose: to provide valuable information and education for achieving financial independence. Thank you for tuning in to the first episode of the introduction series. Stay tuned for future episodes as we journey through the different floors of The Wealth Elevator.
  • 406. Weekly Investor News Update for 8/28/2023 - Rents, Texas Migration, Subway

    Join the Hui Deal Pipeline Club and secure a personal one-on-one call with Lane! back to our Investor Weekly News Update for August 28th! Dive into the latest trends, insights, and strategies in the investment world. In this episode, we cover:🔹 The current state of rents and why they're shifting.🔹 The mass migration to Texas, especially from California - what's the real reason?🔹 The future of Subway franchises and potential changes on the horizon.🔹 Wealth-building strategies, passing on generational wealth, and the essence of entrepreneurship.🔹 A deep dive into the U.S. multifamily rent growth markets for Q2 2023.🔹 Personal anecdotes, insights, and much more!📌 Timestamps:00:00 - Introduction01:00 - Rents Update03:00 - Why is everyone moving to Texas?05:00 - The Subway Franchise Situation07:00 - Thoughts on Wealth and Entrepreneurship10:00 - U.S. Multifamily Rent Growth Markets12:00 - Subway's Potential AcquisitionDon't forget to check out our upcoming rebranding to "The Wealth Elevator" and stay tuned for the release of our new book! For a quick read, grab a copy of "The Journey to Simple Passive Cashflow" on iTunes or listen to the free audiobook version here: with me:LinkedIn: Instagram: & Listen:YouTube: Apple Podcast: Podcast: Website Link: Kawaoka is a multi-family syndicator who owns 10,000+ rental units and is the leader of “Hui Deal Pipeline Club” which has acquired over $2.1 Billion AUM of real estate by syndicating over $186 Million Dollars of private equity since 2016.Lane uses his Engineering degree to reverse engineer the wealth building strategies that the rich use in the Top-50 Investing Podcast,
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    In this episode, Lane Kawaoka introduces Kevin Roth, a consultant who helps people address mindset and happiness issues. They discuss the importance of mental health and finding purpose beyond basic necessities. Kevin shares his personal journey, from a successful music career to financial challenges, a cancer diagnosis, and a profound shift in perspective. He emphasizes the significance of living minimally, prioritizing health, happiness, and security. Kevin's approach combines practical life advice with integrating spirituality to navigate challenges. They underscore the idea that true happiness arises from doing what one loves, being healthy, and practicing self-love, ultimately transcending the pursuit of excessive wealth or material possessions.
  • 404. Investor Weekly Update - August 21

    🏙️ Investor Weekly News Update | August 21st 📊Join us for this week's investor news update, where we dive into the evolving landscape of cities and real estate in the wake of the pandemic. From vacant offices to global liquidity shifts, here are the key highlights:🌐 Global Liquidity Shift & Rate Increases:Discover how central banks worldwide are tightening policies through rate increases and reduced money supply. We explore the aftermath of the 2008 crisis and the pandemic, which led to a liquidity surge, asset price hikes, and over 10% inflation in the US. Learn how the US Federal Reserve is addressing this with hawkish rate adjustments since June 2022.🌆 Migration Trends & Demographics:Uncover the challenges faced by major banks across the globe, including slow growth, low inflation, and aging populations. Compare this with the US advantage of even demographics, boosted by a younger workforce and immigration. Explore why investing in workforce housing is pivotal for capitalizing on the growing lower middle class.📈 S&P 500 & Corporate Profits:Delve into the potential risk signaled by the S&P 500's current trend, highlighting imbalances between corporate profits and stock prices. Understand the implications of companies not generating proportional profits relative to their stock performance.🚶‍♂️ Urban Exodus & Office Vacancy:Explore the accelerated urban exodus triggered by the pandemic, resulting in empty office spaces. Dive into IRS data showcasing the migration of higher earners from major US cities, and how rural areas are benefiting from this shift. Understand the impact of remote work on office attractiveness and urban return.🎉 Rebranding & Financial Strategies:Join us in the midst of exciting changes as we rebrand to "The Wealth Elevator," aligning with the release of our upcoming book. Our book breaks down financial strategies based on different wealth levels, providing practical insights for your financial journey. Experience the rebrand with fresh colors and a new logo that resonate with the book's content.📚 For more analysis, check out the recently released Quarterly Kimono Report. Join us at to gain access.Don't miss out on the insightful discussion about the future of cities, real estate, and investment strategies. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content and stay tuned for the exciting changes ahead. Your financial journey is about to elevate! 📈🏢🏗️
  • 403. Investor News Weekly Update | August 14, 2023

    Join the Hui Deal Pipeline Club and secure a personal one-on-one call with Lane! this week's investor news update for August 15th, 2023, we delve into a comprehensive exploration of the market's current state, touching on both the bullish and bearish perspectives. Crowdfunding websites are under scrutiny as intermediaries between investors and deals, revealing complexities and potential pitfalls. While these platforms offer opportunities, careful consideration is needed, especially given past incidents. The real estate market's multifamily segment is experiencing shifts, with prices declining and cap rates adjusting, creating potential entry points for investors who seize the moment.An emphasis is placed on private investors dominating the landscape, while institutional investors approach with caution. The ongoing clash between fixed-rate and floating-rate financing strategies highlights differing approaches to market dynamics. Amid these trends, the market's bottom is debated, and 2025-2026 are anticipated as potential periods of growth with rising rental rates. The importance of astute investment decisions in navigating these complex conditions is emphasized, with options like development deals and the new Capital Protection Debt Fund presented.In addition, we analyze the July Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers, showcasing a mix of insights regarding inflation. With varying data points leading up to the Federal Reserve's September meeting, inflation's impact on the economy and different sectors is dissected. As the market navigates an inverse yield curve scenario, the recent data provides both concerns and positive indications. With this comprehensive overview, investors are encouraged to stay informed and consider the evolving landscape for strategic decision-making.Connect with me:LinkedIn: Instagram:
  • 401. Investor Weekly News Update | August 7, 2023

    Fitch's Monumental Move: Delve into the recent seismic shift in the financial world as Fitch downgrades the U.S. debt rating from triple A to double A plus. Explore the reasons behind this historic decision and its potential implications for global markets.Economic Chessboard: Navigate the economic landscape as interest rates fluctuate, with Powell's insights suggesting a possible increase ahead. Analyze the potential effects of these rate hikes on different sectors and unpack whether we're on the cusp of a recession or just facing temporary turbulence.Insurance Challenges: Peer into the world of multifamily property owners as they grapple with soaring insurance premiums. Uncover how these hikes impact the bottom line and learn about strategies to mitigate their effects on real estate investments.Demographic Drivers: Zoom out to the global stage and discover the intriguing age shifts taking place around the world. Explore how these changing demographics are poised to influence investment choices, with generational renters and shifting workforce dynamics in the spotlight.Long-Term Investing Wisdom: Gain valuable insights from seasoned investors on long-term investing strategies. Learn how to navigate uncertainty, leverage alternative investments, and potentially seize opportunities in the midst of economic challenges.