Sierra Hotel Echo


Part I: Human Trafficking - What You Didn't Know

Season 1, Ep. 25

Are we being trained on human trafficking correctly? What does it actually look like in common day practices? The Sierra Hotel Echo team investigates it further to answer those questions and to figure out if the military community exacerbate this issue further.

The team speaks with Kara from Deliver Fund, who is non-profit organization that equips, trains, advices law enforcement on combatting human trafficking. They use the methodology used for counter terrorism that hunts down potential terrorists and uses it by searching online for sex ads to identify potential trafficked victims and traces it back to their trafficker and hand delivers the intel to law enforcement. Additionally, they speak with Private Investigator, Justin Yentes who tells the gory details of human trafficking cases he has worked on.

Tune in next week for Part II when we talk to the consumers and providers of the sex work industry and reveal the fine lines of when it can go wrong!

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