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The Traitors S2E9: Another Man

We say goodbye to one of the blondes, Claudia is serving in a gorgeous coral sweater and Ross is the latest recruitment...

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  • Trigger Point S2E6: Hopeless

    With Lana recovered from her tasering, she fools her kidnappers into thinking she is willing to build a bomb and blow up the Home Secretary. Lana's parents are locked in a booby-trapped house, but it turns out all they needed to do was cut a hold in the front door and Hope is hopeless as she can't hear a thing her reluctant bomber is saying or doing. You can hear these episodes early by supporting us on
  • Trigger Point S2E5: Your FUNNIEST Thoughts & Theories Ever

    Your thoughts and theories this week literally had us crying laughing, and for that we thank you. This week; Lana finally loses it, there's an Irish connection with a Guard on FaceTime and someone got Trigger Happy (TV) using a phone to make a businessman go boom. You can hear episodes early by supporting us on
  • Trigger Point S2E4: Where Is HR?

    Bombs on scooters, weddings & domestics... Trigger Point Season 2 Episode 4 truly had it all. Join Brendan, Rebecca and Hannah as they attempt to dissect just what the hell is going on.
  • Trigger Point S2E3: I Can't Speak French

    With Thom gone, it appears Lana still hasn't been offered some compassionate leave. There are hoax bombs in a disused Tube station (very glamorous) and we meet a newsroom journalist we think would clash with Gill Biggeloe. You can hear these episodes early by supporting us on
  • Trigger Point S2E2: Thom Gone

    Exploding heads, third-degree burns, bodies in lift shafts, nobody is safe! Join us as we dissect Trigger Point season two, episode two!
  • Trigger Point S2E1: The Thom Bomb

    Trigger Point (or is it Tipping Point?) is back with a literal bang. Lana has had enough of John's shit, there are massive and terrifying drones and Thom is having all the feels while trying to stay very still. You can hear these episodes early by supporting us on
  • The Traitors S2E12: Endgame

    "Can I change it?"Can we turn back time?! We are REELING following what is surely going down as one of the best episodes of TV, reality or not, ever to air. The last ditch attempt from Jaz to take down the frontrunner, Andrew's parting gift as he lay strewn at the roundtable, the innocent and blinded Mollie who just couldn't choose her head over her heart when it came to betraying her friend and that friend who concealed his true identity until the very end, making every sacrifice he needed to to walk away, alone, but with £95,000 pounds! Join Hannah, Brendan & Rebecca one final time as we dissect the unsurpassable season 2 of The Traitors.
  • The Traitors S2E11: Fringe Festival

    With Zack murdered, the remaining contestants try to add some more money to the ever-closer prize-pot. Claudia is wearing her own fringe, there were high hopes for a Superbowl-style performance from former contestants, and a gorgeous moment around a dinner table.
  • The Traitors S2E10: Custard Creams

    Harry is clutching a shield and a fist-full of Custard Creams as he sets his sights on a ceremonial pouch and a massive cash prize. Andrew is the only one that doesn't fall for a trap in the woods, and Ross' revenge arc is very much cut short.