cover art for Episode 57: A chat with the creators of Sherlock the Musical!

Showtime Shenanigans

Episode 57: A chat with the creators of Sherlock the Musical!

Season 3, Ep. 3

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  • 2. Episode 56: A Chat With JJ Niemann

    Welcome to Episode 56! Today we had a chat with JJ Niemann, who you may know from Broadway's "Book of Mormon", Ratatouille the TikTok musical or for the amazing "mic on/ mic off" series on TikTok amongst many others.
  • 1. Episode 55: A Chat With Blake Allen!

    Welcome to Episode 55! This week we talk to Blake Allen about his album "Shards of an Honor Code Junkie"!
  • 25. Episode 54: Would You Rather

    Welcome to Episode 54 and our Season 2 finale!! This week we play a theatre version of would you rather! Thank you so much for listening this past season and we can't wait to return hopefully soon for season 3!
  • 24. Episode 53: Another Stagey Chat

    Welcome to Episode 53! This week we have just a ranodm chat about all theatre-y things.
  • 23. Episode 52: Wizard of Oz Special

    Welcome to Episode 52! This week we delve in deep to some conspiracies and theories about the Wizard of Oz and Wicked!
  • 22. Episode 51: Best Broadway Duets

    Welcome to Episode 51! This week we go through a list of the best Broadway duets from the last 25 years according to a Buzzfeed article.
  • 21. Episode 50: Shows During Lockdown

    Welcome to Episode 50! This week we talk about the shows we’ve seen since lockdown.
  • 20. Episode 49: A Chat with David Loud!

    Welcome to Episode 49! This week we talk to Broadway Music Director David Loud. We really enjoyed our chat with David about his career and upcoming memoir “Facing the Music”.