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  • Lisa Johnson: From £30k in Debt to a Multi-Million Pound Coaching Business

    This week's episode shares the amazing story of Lisa Johnson, an entrepreneur who was once £30k in debt as a single mum, who went on to build a multi-million pound coaching business. There's lots of focus on overcoming hardship and challenges in entrepreneurship in this episode. We hear Lisa's journey about overcoming adversity and developing self-trust to build a highly profitable business. We talk about mistakes Lisa made along the way and how she came back stronger from there. Now helping 100s of entrepreneurs to build their own passive income and make money online, Lisa shares her top tips for finding more financial freedom and joy in work - and making work, work for you.An inspiring for entrepreneurs everywhere, tune in now!

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  • The Happiness Explorer: Lydia Kimmerling on the Power of Life Coaching

    This week on #TheyStartedIt, I'm joined by Lydia Kimmerling, Founder of The Happiness Explorer. Lydia is CEO and Founder of The Happiness Explorer™, Master certified life and business coach, educator, motivational speaker, and cheerleader for anyone looking to find true happiness. In this episode, we deep-dive into Lydia's personal journey into coaching, moving to Ibiza and creating her dream life. We explore lots of topics around personal development, include how to overcome fear to make big changes in your life, learn to tune out the negative opinions of others and be bold in your dreams. If you've got ambitions to make impactful changes in your life, tune in for an honest and helpful episode on how to get unstuck and build a life you love.
  • 3. Speakers Corner: Nick Gold on how to build a profitable speaking career

    This week on #TheyStartedIt, I'm joined by Nick Gold, MD of Speakers Corner. Nick is also the author of 'Speaking with Confidence, published by Penguin Business. In this episode, Nick shares his insights on how you can develop your confidence with public speaking, grow a profitable speaking business and land yourself on more stages all around the world. If you've got ambitions to develop a speaking career, tune in for an honest and helpful episode on how to build your reputation as a speaker. Nick's understanding and expertise of the speaking industry are unparalleled - this is one episode you don't want to miss!
  • 2. Pizza Pilgrims: How two brothers built a multi-million pound pizza empire

    This week's episode shares the amazing story of Thom and James Elliot, brothers who founded London's favourite pizza chain Pizza Pilgrims.There's lots of focus on FUN in entrepreneurship in this episode. So often, we hear stories of business growth that only talk about the hard grind and hustle, but we forget that business is meant to be enjoyable too. The brothers share their incredible business journey - from the early days of trading out of a Piaggio scooter in the streets of Soho to growing an empire of pizzerias across London. Tune in for a lively and informative discussion of what growing a business of this kind is REALLY like, from missteps and hard lessons to lockdown success. Warning: may cause pizza cravings.
  • 1. TRIP CBD: How an accident led to a dazzling drinks business

    Olivia Ferdi, co-founder of one the UK’s leading CBD oil and drinks suppliers, shares how she built a booming drinks business with her husband. They Started It with Angelica Malin is a podcast that takes you on a journey from business idea to reality, with a range of inspiring, dynamic CEOs and business leaders. Hosted by Angelica Malin, bestselling author, entrepreneur and founder of About Time Magazine, through this series, we’ll be discovering what it really takes to make it as an entrepreneur, from mindset to hard business lessons, with some incredible, awe-inspiring guests. This season is kindly sponsored by Funderbeam - The global investing and trading platform for investors to buy and sell equity stakes in private companies - find out more on @jellymalin for all the behind-the-scenes of making the podcast and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to get new episodes delivered to you. If you benefited from this conversation, please leave a review so more people can find the show! 
  • 7. Georgina Kirby, Co-Founder of Vine Health, on using technology for good

    This week on She Started It, I’m in the studio with Georgina Kirby, Co-Founder of Vine Health. Georgina is a data scientist and entrepreneur, who co-founded Vine Health, which optimises cancer patient outcomes through artificial intelligence and behavioural neuropsychology. Discover what it’s like to be a woman in technology, the future of cancer treatment and how to get your business idea off the ground.
  • 6. Saasha Celestial-One, Co-Founder of OLIO, on building an eco-conscious business

    Ever thought about launching an eco-conscious business? Hear from food sharing app Founder Saasha Celestial-One in this week’s episode of She Started It. Frustrated by the food waste epidemic in the UK, Saasha and her Co-Founder set about to create a technological solution that could help users throw away less food. Find out how Saasha got her business off the ground - from raising investment to hiring a team - in this special episode.