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Episode 20: Talking Tate and social media influence with Akeela, Aliya & Sharmeen

Season 1, Ep. 20

In the first episode of 2023, you can listen to a candid conversation with the She Speaks We team. Akeela, Aliya and Sharmeen talk about the pressing issues affecting Muslim women and society in general. There is discussion of Andrew Tate, how social media has shaped modern society and the polarisation of politics. Aliya shares some absolute gems about a range of topics including the significance of 2008! They also share their personal reflections on 2022 as well as some chat about Netflix and representation. All three share their 2022 book/TV recommendations. You don't want to miss this one.

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Monday, November 28, 2022

Episode 18: Becoming Muslim with Aysha & Ameenah

Season 1, Ep. 18
Have you ever wondered why so many women convert to Islam? This episode is an honest, spiritual conversation with Aysha Mercedes and Ameenah Shaw about their very personal journeys to Islam. Both women became Muslim in adulthood and share their experiences which led to that moment, and what has happened since. Aysha (a counsellor) and Ameenah (a natural hair product business owner) present the Sister2Sister podcast together and both also work as TV presenters at Islam Channel.Here are the meanings of some of the Arabic words used in the podcast:Revert = Someone who has converted to Islam – the word revert is used because Muslims believe everyone is born Muslim so if you are brought up in a different faith when you become Muslim, you revert backNoor = LightWudu = Ablution/cleansing ritualAl-Fatiha = The first chapter in the QuranTawhid = Oneness of GodShahada = Testifying that Allah is one and Muhammad (pbuh) is his messenger – it is what people say when they officially become MuslimDawah = The act of inviting or calling people to embrace IslamAlhamdulillah= Praise be to GodSubhanallah = Glory be to GodIman = FaithAbaya = Long dress/cloak worn by some Muslim womenDuniya = WorldSalah = Ritual prayerUmmah = CommunityAsalaamu-alaikum - Peace be unto you (equivalent to hello)Walaikum-asalaam - And unto you peace (response to the greeting)Link to Khalid Yaseen’s documentaryYou can find out more about She Speaks We Hear on the website: and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter by subscribing.Follow us on:TwitterInstagramLinkedIn