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  • 12. Daenerys Targaryen, GAME OF THRONES

    For our season one finale, we’re discussing the inimitable DAENERYS TARGARYEN from Game of Thrones!Daenerys, brought to screen by Emilia Clarke, had one of the most shocking and intriguing journeys of just about any character in HBO’s history. From an exiled and vulnerable princess to the Breaker of Chains and Queen of the Andals and the First Men, sis quite literally set fire to the world that kept her down.Of MANY things, it’s her transformation on the quest for power, freedom, and justice that made us go…well….SHE’S HAVING AN EPISODE.Follow us:Aisling (the Irish one) - @itspronouncedashlingLela (the American one) -

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  • 11. Jen, EXTRAORDINARY (with screenwriter and creator Emma Moran)

    This week we are not only discussing the brilliant character of Jen from Extraordinary, but chatting show’s screenwriter and creator, Emma Moran!Jen, played by Máiréad Tyers, is quite literally struggling to find her power in a world where just about everyone else has a superpower. Throughout the first season, Jen’s power-find mission is simple, but her journey isn’t; as well as all the challenges facing young, broke 20-somethings, she’s also dealing with the loss of her father, self-destructing around everyone she loves, and trying to navigate the arrival of an unlikely feline romantic interest…all of which made us go, well, SHE’S HAVING AN EPISODE.Talk to us:Aisling (the Irish one) - @itspronouncedashlingLela (the American one) -
  • 10. Julie Cooper, THE OC

    …and this week we’re discussing Julie Cooper, from The OC (which is celebrating its 20th anniversary)!Julie, played by Melinda Clarke, is a woman who dedicated much of her life to Newport Beach's upper echelons, making more than a few enemies…and lovers…along the way. Some might call her a villain, and sure, sleeping with your daughter’s boyfriend does warrant such a title, but Julie story is marked by much more than her mistakes.In fact, it’s her vulnerability, resilience, and true showing of the depths of maternal love that made us go, well, She’s Having An Episode.FOLLOW US:Aisling (the Irish voice) - @itspronouncedashlingLela (the American voice) - @lelalondon
  • 9. Amina Hussein, WE ARE LADY PARTS

    This week we are discussing Amina Hussein from Nida Manzoor's We Are Lady Parts!Amina, played by Anjana Vassan, is the PHD student-cum-guitar teacher at the heart of this truly exceptional show. Over six short but sensational episodes, Amina is forced to navigate the cultural expectations of her family and friends, while figuring out if she can actually be part of an all-female Muslim punk band without throwing up on everyone around her.As the lascivious yet lovable lead guitarist that inspired Bashir With A Good Beard, we couldn’t help but go….well, She’s Having An Episode.Follow us:Aisling (the Irish voice) - @itspronouncedashlingLela (the American voice) - @lelalondon
  • 8. Samantha Jones, SEX AND THE CITY (+ And Just Like That!)

    This character, on the back of her cameo in And Just Like That, is Sex and The City’s ICONIC Samantha Jones.Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall, stands as a tour de force of liberation and sexual empowerment, which, quite frankly, we didn’t see a lot of on TV in the 90s. Over 6 seasons, her uninhibited approach to life became a touchstone for women and girls everywhere, redefining societal norms with candid discussions on desire, agency, and so much more.All of which made us go, well, SHE’S HAVING AN EPISODE.On social:Aisling (the Irish voice) -- @itspronouncedashlingLela (the American voice) -- @lelalondonWe'd also really appreciate your follows and ratings if you like what you've heard! Thanks so much :)
  • 7. Cristina Yang, GREY'S ANATOMY

    This week we’re discussing Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy (!!!).Cristina, played by Sandra Oh, was Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s fiercest surgeon. Over ten seasons, we saw Cristina grow from a relentlessly ambitious intern to a fearless and inspiring head surgeon…and Meredith Grey’s person, of course. With sardonic wit and an unparalleled dedication to challenging the status quo, both in and out of work, we couldn’t help but go…well, she’s having an episode.FOLLOW US:Aisling (the Irish voice) -- @itspronouncedashlingLela (the American voice) -- @lelalondonxoxo
  • 6. Andrea Martel, CALL MY AGENT

    Call My Agent's Andrea, Martel played by Camille Cottin, is a force to be reckoned with. In the cutthroat world she’s make her own, Andrea stops at nothing to ensure her clients' success. Or her own.She has the kind of authoritarian charm most mere humans can only dream of possessing, marking a journey of many wins, motivating losses, and more than a few sacrifices…all of which made us go, well, she’s having an episode.Follow us on social:Aisling (the Irish voice) - @itspronouncedashlingLela (the American voice) - @lelalondon