The Sheridan Tapes


Episode 04: "A Momentary Crimson"

Season 1, Ep. 4

CONTENT WARNING: Automatonophobia, descriptions of war and gun violence, historical anti-semetism, death of a non-human character, discussions of religious themes and animal sacrifice

Tape 2-6-193-1-2: As she investigates a potentially haunted waxworks museum, Anna Sheridan recounts the encounter of her friend Giles Fallow with a mysterious creature during the Yom Kippur War.   Starring Airen Neeley Chaconas as Anna Sheridan, Gus Krieger as Giles Fallow, Jesse Steele as Bill Tyler, and Trevor Van Winkle as Sam Bailey, with original music by Jesse Haugen. Written and produced by Trevor Van Winkle, and made possible by our supporters at   For more information, additional content, and episode transcript, visit

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