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She and Her

Episode 78: Cocktails & Covid & #QuaranTAY

Season 6

The one and only Laura Lee (from our online dating episodes) returns to share how a life-size cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift is helping her pass the days in quarantine; what it's like moving back in to her childhood bedroom; and how the world of online dating is adapting to COVID-19. This miniseries checking in with some of our past guests is giving us LIFE right now, and we hope it brings you some warm feelings too.

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  • Episode 83: She & Her Finale

    We come to you one very last time to talk about ending this five-year-long creative endeavor! We reflect on what the podcast and radio show has meant for our friendship, relationship with our moms and friends, and development of our creative voices. Most importantly we say thank you to all the listeners who’ve come along on this journey. We love y'all.
  • Episode 82: 'All Is Well'- Cocktails & Covid Ft. Charly Lowry

    Musician and Native American activist Charly Lowry joins us to close out our mini season. She shares why her quarantine has been literally life-changing: she got a kidney transplant she's been waiting for for years. We all reflect on how the slowness of lockdown has opened up new artistic and creative pursuits, and of course, we share what media we've been loving.
  • Episode 81: Cocktails and Covid ft. Comedian Erin Terry of Eyes Up Here Comedy

    Comedian and founder of Eyes Up Here Comedy show Erin Terry joins us again to discuss her recent elopement and the challenges of finding comedy and producing virtual stand-up shows in the era of coronavirus.
  • Episode 80: Cocktails & Covid ft. 'Survivor' Dr. Alison

    Dr. Alison Raybould spent 37 days on a deserted island in 2018 while competing on "Survivor." Earlier this year, she was quarantined for 14 days in her house due to potential COVID-19 exposure. She reflects on how different life is for her now and what it's like to be a doctor during a pandemic. Plus, we all share the TV that is getting us through lockdown!
  • Episode 79: Cocktails and Covid ft. Monet Noelle

    Artist, activist, and Durham, North Carolina mover and shaker Monet Noelle Marshall returns to share how her art practice is evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic; what cooking has offered her during this period of staying at home; why we ought to be wary of rise & grind culture in the era of pandemic. This miniseries checking in with some of our past guests is giving us LIFE right now, and we hope it brings you some warm feelings too!
  • Episode 77: Cocktails and Covid ft. Crosby Lupton

    Is sheltering in place slowly driving you mad? Us too. Which is exactly why we’re bringing back some of our favorite guests to discuss life in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We premiere this new mini-series with our friend Crosby who came on the show several years ago to reveal a family secret that changed her life. In an ironic twist of fate, the person at the center of that family secret is what brought her out of New York City a few weeks before it became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Sit down, have a drink, and join us for some laughs and human connection. We need it now more than ever, and we know you do too!
  • Episode 76: Season Finale With THE MOMS

    We send you off for the holidays and close out our season with THE MOMS. Sheila and Rebecca share what they've been up to, reflect on recent episodes and ask us about the future of the show and our friendship.
  • Episode 75: Do Not Shave For Your Gynecologist

    Contraception. Abortion. Fertility. We ask your pressing questions about sex and reproduction to Dr. Dalia Brahmi, a family medicine physician and reproductive specialist. She also walks us through a day in the life of an abortion provider in the South.