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  • 11. sketching & composing covers.

    Today in creative land I talk hand-sewing a quilt, sketching in search of a good composition for a book cover, finding the right font, slow crafting plans, and get distracted by the resident felines.

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  • 10. too gay, too autistic.

    This week I'm too gay and too autistic for them streets, yo. Re-watching Pose is super cathartic when you're just too much for the real gays out in the real world. Find your joy, protect your peace, live this one life you've got to the max, gurl ✌️
  • 9. withdrawal symptoms.

    Heyo, this week it's sketching while talking about not being so social media anymore. Life is better, that's for sure, and, fine, yes, I sound a little Kondo-y when I say "things that bring me joy" but whatever.
  • 8. shaving in the train station.

    It's been a long fucking week and it's not over yet. I'm struggling on multiple fronts, being autistic in a world made for neurotypical people is one biggie, and apparently I've forgotten how to draw. Or, not really, going from paper and watercolour to digital just... isn't' the same.
  • 7. cleaning is good for the soul.

    Cleaning is a form of meditation (yes, it's valid), the patriarchy is everywhere (again? still?), ambiguity in media (especially around women), and I found a new pen that I absolutely effin' love!
  • 6. millennials just want community.

    This time it's about toxic productivity habits (again, because they don't' just go away) and not listening to the bro-marketer demon telling me to do MORE, pondering what a true community is made of, recounting some autistic socialising challenges, and looking at how the post-war culture shift to the middle class and showing off wealth shaped the mentality of millennials.Intro by Kendra.
  • 5. for the love of the gods, read.

    Today the cats are wild, I talk about systematising and pattern recognition, being autistic, storytelling as controlled social experiment and what ways of reading are legitimate ways of reading (answer: all).