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She Did, You Can

Boring but important

Season 1, Ep. 2

Due to a nearly disastrous trademark oversight, Jo is forced to change the name of her business. Her radio station is now called Broad Radio. But while learning on the go is fine, George and Jo acknowledge there are many boring but important boxes to tick to ensure your business is established legally and safely. Test your knowledge against Jo's (don't worry - money's on you to win!) in a Boring but Important quiz designed to get you ready for business.

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  • 9. Finding Your Crew

    It’s the day before Broad Radio launches, and Jo cannot wait to share her start-up with the world. And she wouldn't be here without her hard-working team. But she’s had to learn how to get the right people around her to make her business dream, a dream business. Here, George gives the lowdown on hiring – and firing – with an extreme ‘don’t hire your best friend’ warning!
  • 8. How Do You Build An App?

    George created Shebah, which is a (crazy successful if you don't mind) ride share app. She knows a lot about how you build an app, and so does tech wizard Sarah Moran from Girl Geek Academy. In this episode they'll tell you how you build an app. But more importantly, what is your Minimum Viable Product - the smallest and most affordable version of your idea? Eg, Jo is creating a 1 hour show each week, as her MVP for her radio station, Broad Radio. Get this right before you build an app, and maybe you won't need to spend the money building an app at all.
  • 7. Everyone's A Marketer

    A complete lack of qualifications hasn’t stopped Jo from forging ahead building Broad Radio. But she learned a valuable lesson when it came to her marketing plan. Turns out it’s more than a logo and a catchy slogan. In this episode, George and Jo are joined by the woman who was honest enough to tell Jo her amateur attempts at marketing weren't going to cut it, Chriss Mannix, Director of Soda Communications. Here, they talk defining your brand, how to be consistent and transparent, and where you should put your marketing dollars. Hint - it should include a professional!
  • 6. Fear and Courage Can Co-exist

    Jo is a few weeks off launching the first Broad Radio show, and she's very excited. She's also full of worries and fear - which is normal RIGHT? Anxious and worried thoughts go hand in hand with - well, life. But managing stress is a big part of creating a business, so here Jo and George unpack how they stare down the big ol' ugly beast that is fear, and bring courage to sit right next to it. This episode is a warm hug for anyone who needs a reminder that no matter what happens, you're going to be OK.
  • 5. How To Get Money For Your Biz Pt 2

    So you don't know much about getting enough cash to start your startup. That's OK! This episode breaks down the investment game, and demystifies the mystical world of getting money for your biz, from two women who know their stuff and one who is climbing the steepest learning curve of her life. George broke records with her crowdfunding for Shebah, Shivani Gopal is a finance expert, and Jo has very excitedly secured an angel investor for Broad Radio, but still has so much more to learn. In fact, what she learns in this episode changes the course of Broad Radio, in a way she did NOT expect when she hit record.
  • 4. How To Get Money For Your Biz Pt 1

    People say you can make your dreams come true - all it takes is belief and hard work. Yeah, nah, that's not strictly true. You can't pay wages with belief. Or advertise your business or develop product. In fact, you can't build a business without money. But how do you magic up the $100K plus you'll need to get off the ground? George and Jo are joined by entrepreneur, CEO and finance expert, Shivani Gopal, from The Remarkable Woman. This remarkable woman tells us the first steps, including what to put in your pitch deck and what makes a good investor (hint, it's like dating - you don't jump in bed with just anyone!). George brings her expertise, having broken records raising investment for Shebah, and if all this finance talk is like a new language for you - Jo is right there with you!
  • 3. Do Your Research

    Going by the stats, your startup is more likely to fail than succeed. This is a terrifying fact that Jo has chosen to ignore as she builds Broad Radio. But with good research, you can limit your risk. Jo and George did heaps, and so should you! You might end up a statistic without it.
  • 1. The Idea

    So you've had an idea for a business. You mull over it in the shower, you write lists and plans, you imagine yourself doing the thing you want to do all...the...time. But how do you know your idea will actually be successful? George and Jo make a checklist of what makes a good business idea and why you should just stop dreaming, and do it.