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Historic Preservation Conversation with Robert Powers

Season 1, Ep. 4

Today's episode is on Historic Tax Credits with Robert Powers. 

When can I obtain Historic Tax Credits? How do they work? When to apply? What expenses create credits versus expenses that do not qualify? The what, where, when and how's to historic tax credits today and more...

If you are about to restore an older property you do not want to miss this one!

Robert Michael Powers is the President of Powers & Company, Inc., a national consulting firm specializing in the preservation and conservation of historic structures. Formed in 1995, the firm consists of a full-service professional team whose work has been recognized by the Urban Land Institute, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. With over thirty years of diverse experience on projects throughout the United States, Mr. Powers is a national expert on the interpretation and application of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation in historic preservation tax incentive projects. Mr. Powers is known for his ability to problem-solve and craft practical solutions with clients that are sensitive to both preservation and development issues. Mr. Powers was Principal in Charge at Powers & Company, Inc. for the preservation of the U.S. Post Office, Main Branch at 30th Street and the PSFS Building, both in Philadelphia. At the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building and Complex. Mr. Powers was the Consulting Supervisory Conservator on the interior restoration of the buildings within the Capitol complex. In addition, Mr. Powers has consulted on such notable preservation projects as Los Angeles City Hall and the Headquarters for Urban Outfitters in the Philadelphia Naval Business Center. Prior to establishing his own firm, Mr. Powers for twelve years, honed his skills at the National Park Service administering the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive Program for projects within seventeen states. More information on the work of Mr. Powers and Powers & Company can be found on the company web site at



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Tokenizing Real Estate: A Conversation with Turbadium

Season 1, Ep. 9
Elastic Investing, Asset-Backed Crypto, Unlocking Equity in your Real Estate, Harness the Crowd in regards to investment real estate... all topics on today's episode of Shawlsy 24-7. Today's discussion is with Turbadium Founder and CTO Andrew Gaizunas as well as Attorney Wes Williams who sits on the Turbadium Advisory Board.The initial implementation of Turbadium is focused on residential and commercial real estate, bringing property owners together with individuals looking for a cryptocurrency backed by hard, tangible assets.General (free) users of the cryptocurrency can feel secure knowing their holdings are backed by a transparent, registered, and audited portfolio of existing assets.Property owners are able to activate and release the current equity in their assets, buying and selling shares at will as prices fluctuate on the secondary markets.Turbadium will provide an alternative for traditional banking when it comes to financing real estate or accessing equity.Eliminating all the costs associated with a conventional mortgage or loan product results in a more equitable social environment.Turbadium connects equity owners directly with investors, cutting out high-cost/low-value middlemen while simultaneously abolishing monthly payments, short-sale filings, threats of foreclosures, and predatory lending practices including reverse mortgages and variable interest rates.The Turbadium Exchange is opening to the public participation in 2018, permanently disrupting the archaic models of real estate finance, personal investment, and traditional asset ownership we use today.Following launch of the Real Estate application, Turbadium plans to apply the same framework to “tokenize all things”:supply chain inventories, mineral rights and proven reserves, factories, aircraft, even public lands and infrastructure.Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Turbadium democratizes the world of elite finance, changing the way people think about assets, money, and daily commerce.

Propy: Conversation with Natalia Karayaneva and Alexander Voloshyn

Season 1, Ep. 7
What is Propy? What is the future of real estate on the blockchain? How is Propy using smart contracts on the blockchain to change real estate one nation at a time? Learn this and a lot more during our conversation with both the CEO and CTO of Propy. Natalia Karayaneva is the CEO and founder of Propy, Inc. which last year raised $16M during its ICO. Natalia is an expert in real estate development & sales, token sales, ICO legislation and Blockchain. She is a frequent panelist and speaker at diverse Blockchain and cryptocurrency events in Silicon Valley and Europe. Natalia is an award winning and internationally recognized expert in real estate, with a focus on cross-border real estate transactions and sustainability. Natalia is an alumni of the University of Oxford who founded her first company at the age of 19.Alex Voloshyn has a background in mobile development and cyber security with 15 years of technical experience working in small start-ups and large Fortune 100 companies like Apple and Ubisoft. As a blockchain and decentralized technology expert, he is currently the CTO of Propy.Propy is a global real estate marketplace with decentralized title registry aiming to solve the problems facing international real estate transactions by creating a novel unified property store and asset transfer platform for the global real estate industry. Propy allows buyers, sellers, brokers, and escrow/title agents/notaries to come together through the utilization of a suite of smart contracts on blockchain to facilitate transactions. Providing a network for these parties to connect with each other and conduct real estate purchases online, the culmination of the transaction is a digital transfer of ownership on the Propy Registry. Propy is working on many exciting initiatives in the real estate industry and is on the cutting edge of real estate technology utilizing smart contracts within the blockchain.