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Can you be Black and Conservative? In Conversation with Aaron Fenton Hewitt

Aaron is a young man who describes himself as an unapologetically conservative. In a time of echo chambers, it is important to have these conversations. He believes in individualism above collective politics which epitomises current politics. 

Blackness can be likened to a political ideology, yet it isn't, conservatism and blackness are exclusive, being conservative in the generation of liberalism/illiberalism is a brave ideology to live by. Aaron believes our skin colour shouldn't define our politics, as an independent and free thinker, he champions facts over feelings, morality over immorality and strongly believes in family.  

The young man who is brave to speak out about his views, he is now a part of Turning Point UK

 thank you, Aaron!

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  • Music, Modelling and Jamaica: In conversation with Brandon Nembhard

    Brandon Nembhard is an author, model creative and poet. In many ways, the word creative epitomises his creative talent. I was first exposed to his amazing lines and outspoken via Instagram. I couldn't pass the opportunity to have a conversation with this young man. born in Manchester, but grew up in London and Jamaica. A man who wears his heart on his sleeve and centres black women in what he does. We spoke about black lives matter, parenting and the future for the black movement!  Check out his work! Furthermore, Brandon recommended an organisation he supports @justice_forblacklives for information/updates on the movement
  • Tik Tok became a racist playing ground: In Conversation with Allegria Dilecarta

    Model, Tik Tok superstar and activist Allegria Dilecarta, is going to take the world by storm. After being subject to racial abuse on Tik Tok, she blew up and became viral. Usually, with fame, most become arrogant and forget their mission. She has not, she actively uses her platform to spread the message of being pro-black. Unapologetically pro-black with her music taste that takes us back to a time where music held meaning and passion. We spoke about her time on Tik Tok, black activists and of her icons, the immeasurable TUPAC.  A young activist who has the world at her feet and will continue to do great things! Thank you so much!
  • Gay, Jewish and Vegan: In Conversation with Green Party Politican Zack Polanski

    I first met Zack when I was around 19-20 years old through an acting course. He was an engaging teacher and a man I aspired to be in personality, ethics and values. Zack now has followed that into politics.  Zack endeavours to create an inclusive world, where the idea is not radical but simply pragmatic. He identifies as a gay Jewish man, and believes that whilst he has faced abuse, he holds a view on the world that will not stop his ascent to a better world! To follow and support zack @greenpartyzack Thank you, Zack!
  • "I owe my confidence to seeing radical black self love": In Conversation with Sheerah

    Sheerah stands proudly and loudly in her activism, her love and passion for social justice is a cup overflowing. We discussed racism, beauty standards and solidarity with the black community. @sheerahr coming from a Tamil background spoke to me of her experiences and how her love for black culture has helped her form radical self-love.  As a model, creative and activist she continues to help make the world a better place please check out her work!
  • "We are not great without our community" In Conversation with 100 Black Men Of London

    @100bmol is an organisation birthed out of helping the community and allowing for mentors to give back to their “diamonds” , as the famous saying goes “diamonds make pressure”.  The @100bmol ensure the work they do in the community is impactful and genuinely one that stays with individuals for the rest of their life. Go and support them! Crowdfunder, support the effort to get our own building. Join our Membership to improve our community together CMP Open Day on Sat 26th September, register for our mentoring programme. Time To Talk every last Thursday of the month. Mental health session. Action Learning Sets on second Wednesday, come solve your problems with us, working together.
  • "A Child not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth" In Conversation with The Manhood Academy

    @manhoodacademy_official an organisation that provides the missing link between boyhood and manhood. The work they did is pivotal and craved in the community. Boys becoming men is the key to have a holistic and positive sense of masculinity and manhood. They have appeared on BBC and have partner programmes in the Gambia and even Holland. If you have a son, nephew or Male cousin who would benefit, I would highly recommend it! Thank you!
  • A Young Politican in the making: In conversation with Cambridge Student James Appiah

    @jjamesappiah a young Cambridge undergraduate student who is passionate about politics and understands the world through an optimistic lens. A political and game-changer in the making, I can’t wait to see what this young man has ahead of him. Questions were flying in part 2 is coming!
  • Black Love does exist: In conversation with @letztalk1st

    @letztalk1st a couple married for 10 years show us the importance of a strong and stable nuclear black family. They created their platform in the wake of George Floyd's unfortunate death with the objective to encourage dialogue and have since allowed it to be a space where everyone can listen and Tune in. Support them and their work