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Sharing about Caring

Episode 3: Already Toast: Caregiving and Burnout in America

Season 1, Ep. 3
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To contribute to an upcoming episode or to share feedback, please email me, Carlos Briceño, at am grateful for the following: In this episode, Kate Washington, a journalist, reads two excerpts from her book, Already Toast: Caregiving and Burnout in America. We also hear from Patricia Hoolihan, who reads excerpts from her book called Hands and Heart Together: Daily Meditations for Caregivers. You can learn more about her here: also hear from Debra Kelsey-Davis and Kelly Johnson, the authors of The Caregiver’s Companion: A Christ-Centered Journal to Nourish Your Soul, as they read an excerpt from the book. Here is more about their organization: Rotberg reads a letter he wrote to his mom, who battled Huntington's disease for 17 years. You can learn more about him here: and the organization he co-founded: can read about Lousin Mehrabi's journey in facing her son's battle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy here: She reads a poem in the episode to share how she is dealing with her son's battle.
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    Welcome to the Sharing about Caring podcast. Today's episode features Dr. Arthur Kleinman, the author of The Soul of Care: The Moral Education of a Husband and a Doctor, who reads a couple of short excerpts from his book. We also hear from Jessica Kantrowitz, the author of 365 Days of Peace: Benedictions to End Your Day in Gentleness and Hope, who reads one of her poems. Other writers featured in the episode include Amanda Mary, Sarah Merriman, and Mike DePorter. Singers include Laura Dempsey and Dr. Daniel C. Potts. The play about Huntington's disease, called "Love Is the Mission," includes the following actors: Alana Monroe and Steve Monroe. Special thanks goes to BioNews Services, an online health, science and research publication company that exists for one purpose: to serve the patient living with a rare disease. The play originally appeared in one of their sites: and special effects come from and thanks to Ian Kremer.To submit audio content to be considered for future shows, please email Carlos Briceño at Or check out the following website:
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