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Shape your work

Series 2 Episode 3: Diary of an Employee

Season 2, Ep. 3

Tune in to listen to Dan Craig’s Diary of an Employee, his expert advice and observations of being in the world of health and well-being, what’s going well, what’s not and why. 

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  • 6. Series 2 Episode 6: Diary of an Employee

    🎤 Listen now to Natalie Torquato’s Diary of an Employee. It’s full of experiences about working with international organisations, running elite sales activities, always caring and contributing to teams and clients alike. 
  • 5. Series 2 Episode 5: Diary of an Employee

    🎤 It’s good to listen to different perspectives of the wins and challenges of the workplace. This week’s Diary of an Employee is from Saskia Lorrison and her experiences of delivering complex change through COVID-19, and what productivity really means for her. 
  • 4. Series 2 Episode 4: Diary of an Employee

    🤩 What does the print industry have in common with yours? Find out with our special guest Alan Myles, joining Ali Khan and Simone Fenton-Jarvis on Diary of an Employee interview. From Scotland to you, join us now.
  • 2. Series 2 Episode 2: Diary of an Employee

    ☝🏽 We’re back after a winter break. Next for the Diary of an Employee is an insightful interview with Stuart Russo.👂🏼 Public sector, pressure, sense of purpose, time management and much more. 
  • 1. Series 2, Episode 1: Diary of an Employee

    Whoever you are, you’ve met one of them when you’re out shopping, while travelling, at the office, and now even from your own home. This podcast is all about you, the employee. Even though managers and leaders make up less than 1% of the workforce, they have 99% of the media, articles and literature dedicated to them. What about being a great follower, a great achiever, a great employee?Hello Series 2 of SHAPE your work 👋 In Series 2 join us as we talk to employees across the world, with real insights into real lives, the issues, and challenges they face, the aspirations and goals they have… and the way they’re solving the puzzles and problems of work and life.  This podcast is for you if you’re trying to hear the voice of the real employee, understand what really matters to them, and the solutions they’re seeking from those around them, as well as their employers.👌🏽 We kick off the first episode of the Diary of an Employee series with the voice of Saaim Khan. Tune in to hear his vocal diary, his work life at Unilever UK.👂🏼 We explore motivations, culture, determination, support, relationships.
  • 7. Employee Experience

    Your employees have desires and expectations from the workplace and the organisation as a whole. And they are not being met. The research to date  highlights some major issues. Tune in as we define what workplace experience is, the value to employees, how to measure it effectively, and how to evolve your strategy to deliver a true wow factor to your workforce.
  • 6. Workplace Biases

    Your underlying subconscious might be quietly fueling prejudice and poor performance at work. How and why? Listen in now to hear about the various biases that exist, factors that influence partiality and how you can overcome toxic thinking at work.
  • 5. Reward and Recognition

    Are you getting the very basics right at work? Like reward and recognition?Listen now to get straight to the list of essentials when it comes to connecting with employees beyond just cash. The secrets to driving passionate involvement and higher responsibilities at work is simpler than you think. But it does take effort. And learn how you can use reward and recognition to help in the challenge of #quietquitting and quietfiring?