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Help I Sexted My Boss

Weekend Release: The Yorkshire Pudding Millionaire

Season 11, Ep. 21

All of you G&Diva's have been going wild after this week's Diva España announcement! An excited Jordan and a sceptical William read out your initial reactions and questions about the trip, plus as an extra treat... we have a very special musical guest on the show!

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  • 42. Help I've Got Chocolatey Fingers

    It was the morning after the night before, and the night before was a curry at Jordan's after putting away his washing and before watching a special episode of Keeping Up Appearances. As if William and Jordan don't spend enough time together, they're also going on an accidental weekend away together. The dilemmas this week get the boys emotional, from the sadness of a break up to the anger of a G&Diva's surprising discovery and the joy of an actual etiquette question.
  • 41. Weekend Release: A Priest, An Australian, And A Secret Shopper

    After some reflection on last week’s episode, the boys decide a little more focus is in order. They get straight to work in catching up on your correspondence involving secret shopper hacks, birthday poems, and listing out all the greatest things to come out of Australia (yes, Neighbours is on there).
  • 40. Help That’s Not My Husband’s Bum

    *There are conversations about dieting and weight loss in the first half of the podcast, press play after 15 minutes if you’d prefer to avoid them.*With Producer Ben pulling a sickie, the boys have been let loose to cause havoc in the studio unchallenged. Jordan’s furious with the latest VAR results for Burnley, and William is equally annoyed about the new toys Mikey’s bought for the bedroom (who said sleep apnoea can’t be sexy?). There’s also the small matter of helping with your dilemmas on whether you should be allowed to stay friends with your mate’s cheating ex, and how to get over the embarrassment of mistakenly groping your father-in-law's bottom.
  • 39. Weekend Release: School Assembly Bangers

    Another weekend, another release, and this one unloads a whole mountain of gifts for the boys from all over the world! William and Jordan also catch up on your correspondence involving knives and forks, marriage proposals, and school assembly hymns. (WARNING: this episode contains moments of Jordan North singing.)
  • 38. Help I Tasted My Father-In-Law

    After a lovely and thoughtful message from a dear G&Diva brings the boys close to tears, the conversation quickly returns to regular topics of conversation. What snacks should you buy for a train journey? How can you deal with manspreading? What's wrong with PB’s pubic hair? The list goes on. After that’s all sorted, the boys turn to helping with your dilemmas on how best to ask a friend to pay you back, whether it’s ok to say ‘bless you’ to a stranger, and a very dusty issue.
  • 37. Weekend Release: Jane Boulton From Airline

    A very, very special guest slid in to the boys DM’s this week - it’s Jane Boulton from the hit show Airline! Not only was Jane an iconic figure manning the check-in desks at Luton airport during the 90’s, but she’s now become an icon all over again with her unsympathetic interactions with air passengers going viral on TikTok. Expect advice on whether you should clap when the plane lands, how to get free upgrades, and what to say when a passenger reveals a gimp mask from their hand luggage.
  • 36. Help We Didn't Flinch At Felching

    William and Jordan are coming in hot in today’s episode with some strong opinions on software updates, bow ties, and stock cubes (Yes - you are still listening to the Help I Sexted My Boss podcast - don’t worry). Once they’ve got all that off of their chests and into your ears, normal business resumes as they offer advice on your dilemmas regarding whether you should use cutlery or hands to eat a burger, what to do when you find your sex toys in the kids' sandpit, and how to tell your partner their mother's nipples are exposed.
  • 35. Weekend Release: Mystery Package

    Another weekend, another release, and this one starts with a mystery parcel that promises to give William and Jordan a rather firm package. Plus there’s plenty of correspondence to catch up on on topics such as AirBnb nightmares, pornos, and correcting Ed Sheeran's grammar.
  • 35. Help I Know Him From A Porno

    There’s lots to celebrate in this week's episode. As well as the podcast hitting a very big social milestone, it’s also our William’s birthday! - and Jordan thinks he’s got the perfect gift (clue: it’s got a lovely rim). Plus the boys discuss being rude to neighbours, share some very insightful thoughts on croissants, and seek to help with your dilemmas on regifting presents to the person who bought you said gift, and how to tell a dear, dear friend you don’t want to watch his favourite 90s sitcom with him.