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STT Rewind: Episode 20

Season 1, Ep. 20

We kick things off this week with the film section and following our list of the top 100 films on horror streaming service Shudder, as well as an upcoming list of the must-see films on Filmstruck, we pick out some of the places we turn to when we want to stream movies. In part two, the TV licence comes under the microscope and we briefly look over BBC's record breaking drama series Bodyguard. Matt Latham promises not to change his name for a music round up in another edition of Cassette Tape before freeplay discusses crossover comics, including Star Trek vs Transformers. Yes, you read that right.

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  • 22. STT Rewind - Episode 22

    In the 22nd episode of STT Rewind, host and co-editor of Set The Tape dot com, Owen Hughes is joined by writer Steve Norman to run through the worlds of fllm, TV, music and games. Part 1 picks up where Spooktober left off and turns into Noirvember on the website. Part two whizzes through some TV chat about dark reboots in light of Sabrina, before Matt Latham looks at the role of a promoter in his Cassette Tape. The final 10 minutes of the podcast becomes something of a self help guide as Steve talks video game addiction and Football Manager.
  • 21. STT Rewind: Episode 21

    Tony Black and Steve Norman run this week's episode of STT: Rewind to talk film festivals - covering brand new movie premieres at London, Vancouver, Brooklyn and… err, Bolton - and Damien Chazelle’s First Man. Were the Moon landings real? (Of course, but that's not the point.) Speaking of space, part two heads to TV with the brand new Star Wars universe animated series Resistance and a littler closer to home with Doctor Who back on our screens. Matt Latham's got a birthday surprise in store for Cassette Tape before freeplay previews the Destination Star Trek event and whether Steve is into geek conventions. You can guess the answer to that.
  • 19. STT Rewind: Episode 19

    Welcome to the 19th episode of STT: Rewind as Owen Hughes, Steve Norman and Tony Black celebrate the first anniversary of the formation of We have our regular film section to kick things off as The Predator comes under the thermal vision microscope - and specifically its trailer - and we plug our Shudder Top 100 list. In part two, we look at the impact of television adaptations of popular culture leading with The Purge after it hit Amazon this month. Matt Latham is spinning around his Cassette Tape for Kylie at Glasto talk, before Freeplay hands things over to you as we answer some questions sent in to us. Thanks for downloading - we'll be back in a fortnight.
  • 18. STT Rewind: Episode 18

    This week hosts Tony Black and Steve Norman discuss in the Movie section upcoming horror chiller The Nun and the prevalence of horror sequels, as well as touching on some of the upcoming London Film Festival treats. Later, in the TV section, they turn their attentions toward Amazon Prime's new Jack Ryan show and ponder why he never became a major American action hero. Matt Latham rounds up music news in Cassette Tape, before in Free Play we return to books as author Duncan Barrett talks to Tony about his slice of WW2 social history, Hitler's British Isles.You can find all of our daily articles and more over at or you can find us on Twitter and Facebook @SetTheTape.
  • 17. STT Rewind: Episode 17

    This week hosts Owen Hughes and Steve Norman are joined by Character Unlock's Andrew Brooker. Part one of the show discusses upcoming thriller Revenge and the impact of genre movies, before TV turns to before the trio tap out. Matt Latham rounds up music news in Cassette Tape, before freeplay goes transatlantic for some NFL chat. You can find all of our daily articles and more over at or you can find us on Twitter and Facebook @SetTheTape.
  • 16. STT Rewind: Episode 16

    If you read this, give yourself a bonus point. In this episode of STT Rewind, hosts Owen Hughes and writer Steve Norman pass judgement on Terminator 6, pay tribute to Barry Chuckle, ponder the necessity for more Picard, and chat comics, all in a half hour chunk. Matt Latham also joins for a round-up from the 110 Above music festival.
  • STT: Rewind: Episode 15

    Thank you for choosing to listen to the fifteenth episode of STT Rewind, with hosts Tony Black, Owen Hughes & Steve Norman.In our film section of the show, Owen & Steve talk San Diego Comic Con trailers and the recent James Gunn scandal.Part two is our TV section and we talk again news coming out of SDCC, including that of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot.Matt Latham returns for his Cassette Tape section talking Now That's What I Call Music albums of yesteryear before, in free play, Tony talks to author Mark O'Connell about his book on 70's & 80's blockbusters, Watching Skies.If you like the show, why not let us know by contacting us on Twitter and Facebook, both @SetTheTape.
  • STT: Rewind: Episode 14

    Our last two episodes both came out a day late, so as recompense, here's our fourteenth episode a day early! Hosts Owen Hughes and Steve Norman switch things around slightly to push our TV section to the forefront to assess the ratings war - does it really matter which channel is showing the World Cup? Would you rather watch ITV or BBC's coverage of England in the international football tournament? In part two, we return to film for a nose at the US box office figures for Ant-Man and the Wasp and whether its lower than expected return should be cause for concern ahead of Captain Marvel - and female led superhero films in general. Matt Latham's Cassette Tape asks when is a gig not a gig, before Freeplay goes podcast crazy, podcast mad. Thanks for listening. We'll be back again in a fortnight.