Serendipity Soup

Have you ever heard someone tell their story of success and failure in a TED Talk, or a sports autobiography? Have you ever thought ‘that doesn’t sound like my life?’ That’s because it’s not. In fact, almost nobody has a life like that. The trouble is that the people who do are the ones we’re always hearing from. This podcast is for the rest of us.

It's intended as an antidote to tedious celebrity success drivel. Although I hope it will be more than just a podcast. I hope it will become a community where anyone listening who has something interesting to say about their brushes with serendipity; with success, failure, hard work and pure dumb luck, will be able to say it. There might be happy endings, or there might not, because life isn’t a story – it’s much more complicated and wonderful than that. So, wherever you are in the world and wherever you are in your life, I hope you’ll find something useful to take away from these conversations.