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Sentimental Garbage

Sentimental in the City 1: Sex & The City, Season One

Season 7, Ep. 2

This week, we're kicking off our Sex and the City mini-series with our discussion of the character arcs and themes (take a drink) of season one. After a round dismissal of the pilot episode (abso-f*cking-who-cares?) we get right into the meat of The Valley of 20-Something Guys, where we re-enact the infamous taxi scene that landed the tone of the whole series, dissect the cultural practice of Carrie-bashing, and generally watch as a previously sane New York party girl loses her goddamn mind for the most boring man in the tri-state area. We round off the chat with Man of the Season (he misses the touch of a woman), Outfit of the Season (or lack thereof) and the Carrie Clanger of the Season (the prayer book drop heard around the world).

Dolly Alderton is the author of Ghosts and Everything I Know About Love

Caroline O'Donoghue is the author of Promising Young Women, Scenes of a Graphic Nature, and the forthcoming All Our Hidden Gifts

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  • 10. Just the postcard this week, sorry.

    Sadly the podcasting gremlins took over, so you just get the postcard this week. Sorry!!
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    FILM DISCUSSION STARS AT 29.59In this week's postcard we discuss Disneyland vs Cannes, Feminism 201, and whether we really need to throw Princess babies out with the Princess bathwater. Then we discuss Ridley Scott's A Good Year, and whether men are allowed to go on life-changing holidays too.
  • 8. Continental Garbage: Before Midnight

    Get ready for some pickled herring and a handful of cod liver oil pills, we're talking about conflict and monogamy. MOVIE TALK STARTS AT 29.06
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    FILM DISCUSSION STARTS 21:44This week Caroline and Jen discuss their favourite adult sleepover movie, Dangerous Beauty.
  • 6. Continental Garbage: Before Sunset

    In today's postcard, we discuss the ethics of bailing. In the main episode, we catch up with our best pals Jesse and Celine to see if these two kids can finally get it together.Film discussion from 19.54
  • 5. Continental Garbage: The Tortured Poets Department

    You asked for it and we damn well delivered - here's our analysis of Taylor Swift's 'The Tortured Poets Department'.ALBUM DISCUSSION FROM 24.04.
  • 4. Continental Garbage: Before Sunrise

    This week we're in Croatia, being tomato girls and living our best Porco Rosso life. FILM DISCUSSION STARS AT 26.07
  • 3. Continental Garbage: The Grand Budapest Hotel

    This week we're checking out of our hostel bunk beds and into the fanciful world of Wes's Grand Budapest Hotel, bathing in all its delicious violets and pinkish hues. Film discussion from 24 minutes.SENTIMENTAL GARBAGE UK LIVE TOURTickets out now -
  • 2. Continental Garbage: Under the Tuscan Sun

    This week we're under the Tuscan sun talking about Under the Tuscan Sun - come join us in our hostel bunkbed! (Bring olives and wine).Film discussion from 00:27:54SENTIMENTAL GARBAGE UK LIVE TOURTickets out now -