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Sentimental Garbage

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Tom McInnes

Season 10, Ep. 25

Tom McInnes is back for the ultimate test of this podcast's entire premise. Namely, can two people have an incredibly long and feelings-y chat about a three minute pop song from 1983? Let's see x

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  • 22. Real Housewives with Elizabeth Day

    The season finale and we’ve finally got the grand dame of podcasting on to talk about the Bravo hit that launched a million franchises. Elizabeth Day is an author whose latest book Friendaholic is out now!
  • 20. Mistresses with Madeleine Gray

    Author of Green Dot Madeleine Gray is here to talk about society's fascination with The Other Woman. From Anne Boleyn to Monica Lewinsky, from Camilla Parker Bowles to Glenn Close, we investigate why these women are so endlessly interesting to us and whether they are our key to decoding society's most shadowy figures. We're also very glad that Tracy Chapman exists.
  • 19. One Hit Wonders with Harry Harris

    Musician and jingle-maker Harry Harris makes his SG debut by talking about One Hit Wonders!
  • 18. Stepmom with Lou Taylor

    Bring the Kleenex lads, this is an emotional one.
  • 17. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with Elizabeth Sankey

    A true champion of the sweaty yet charming premise, How To Lose A Guy takes all the mid-noughties rom-com tropes and rolls them into one. A woman's magazine! An advertising campaign! A bet! An article! Friends! We discuss Kate Hudson's comedic gifts, the death of the bubblegum romcom and whether women's magazines even deserve a place in the culture. Check out Elizabeth Sankey's documentary Romantic Comedy for more, or her music at Summer Camp
  • 16. Yuckiness with Nicola Dinan

    Blackhead squeezing, earwax removing, blood, guts, fluids. We're talking about how an exponentially growing beauty industry has also created a Yucky industry, where we watch Dr Pimple Popper before bed and Naked Attraction before we go to sleep in hotel rooms. Nicola Dinan joins us to talk about "yuckycore" and where it came from. TW: everything gross
  • 15. Skinny Jeans with Lauren Bravo

    Style Queen Lauren Bravo joins us yet again for a deep dive, and a eulogy for, the noble skinny jean
  • 14. Robbie Williams with Dolly Alderton

    Yes, we all watched the documentary, but WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC? Caroline and Dolly take a deep dive into the rich, thick, expensive fabric that is Robbie Williams' pop career. And yes, we do talk about Swing When You're Winning. Playlist here:
  • 13. The Anastasia Myth Christmas Special

    It's been the Roman Empire for all tween girls for over 100 years, so for this year we investigate: what is it about the Anastasia myth that we just can't let go of? Caroline and Ella attempt to examine the real story versus the many false ones that grew around it, touching on Anna Anderson, the Romanovs, the emergence of new media in 1918 vs now, the 1956 movie starring Ingrid Bergman and the 1997 Don Bluth cartoon. This is not a history podcast and we don't use a script so please bear in mind that we play fast and loose with dates and places. If you want a more thorough and historically accurate enquiry into this story, we recommend: The C Word on Anna Anderson're Wrong About on Anastasia ...or if you just want a detailed love-in about the cartoon, Caroline has done one on the Juvenalia podcast!