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Sentimental Garbage

Gilmore Girls (pt. I) with Jof Owen

Season 10, Ep. 5

It's the first of our two-part special on Gilmore Girls! Today we discuss: did Dean storm the capital? Is Christopher a serial people pleaser? Could we correctly term Richard and Emily as 'very a play'? Also class transition, where exactly in WeTransfer that Rory works, and what kind of podcast guest Lorelai Gilmore might be.

Jof Owen is a musician who produces music under The Boy Least Likely To and Legends of Country.

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  • 1. Weddings pt II with Ella Risbridger

    Last season, we opened the season on Weddings, where we talked about planning, hen parties, dresses and the cultural expectations of being a bride. Now we've had the wedding, what have we *learned*? Maid of Honour and longterm friend of the pod Ella Risbridger comes back to discuss the wins, losses and lessons of...Caroline's wedding.
  • 29. Barbie with Jen Cownie

    We're coming back off break to offer our opinions on the most formative Sentimental Garbage there is, Barbie. Caroline and Jen talk about their early memories of Barb, Greta Gerwig's new movie, the hunk-to-hero trajectory and the ascendancy of Ryan Silly Gooseling. The Rachel Incident by Caroline O'Donoghue is available everywhere now. Jen Cownie's Wild Card: Let The Tarot Tell Your Story is everywhere too.
  • 28. Caroline on the Straight Up podcast! (& news!)

    Hey everyone! Caroline's been on tour with The Rachel Incident so the Straight Up girls have kindly agreed to allow their podcast to feature on the Sentimental Garbage feed. It's a really fun episode where we talk about all kinds of pop culture, including Sex and the City, Fleishman is in Trouble, Brooke Shields, and much more. This is the final episode of Sentimental Garbage for this season, please enjoy the break and your summer! Straight Up is the weekly podcast hosted by journalists Kathleen and Ellie that debriefs on all the juiciest happenings in celebrity and pop culture. They have guests on twice a month, which other than me have included Sean Paul, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Akon, Pandora Sykes, Amelia Dimoldenberg and Aitch… and they always record over cocktails! Their episode this week is all about Barbie’s insane marketing plan, chaotic celebrity divorces, Idris Elba's new thriller series and The Idol finale.
  • 27. Twilight with Maisie Peters

    An ancient, deathless vampire attempts to woo a young woman. And also, we talk about about Twilight. Maisie Peters album, The Good Witch, is out now! Caroline O'Donoghue's book The Rachel Incident is out now also
  • 26. The Rachel Incident with Dolly Alderton

    *SPOILERS FROM 48 MINS ONWARDS*Friend of the pod Dolly Alderton returns to interview me about The Rachel Incident, the latest novel from Caroline O'Donoghue (me) Order The Rachel Incident:
  • 25. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Tom McInnes

    Tom McInnes is back for the ultimate test of this podcast's entire premise. Namely, can two people have an incredibly long and feelings-y chat about a three minute pop song from 1983? Let's see x
  • 24. Midnight pt II with Jen Cownie

    It's been a big week to be a Taylor Swift fan, so we're back for a second go of Midnights with Jen Cownie. We talk the bonus extras, the great ironies of “The Great War”, the Blake Lively fan fiction on “Bigger than the Whole Sky”, real Paris vs American Paris, and much much more. Also: what exactly DID happen to Caroline's Instagram? Apologies about the sound quality, the ever evolving narrative around Taylor meant we had to record this episode in a tin box. SENTIMENTAL GARBAGE LIVE(London) with Dolly Alderton: GARBAGE LIVE (Dublin) with Sophie White:
  • 23. Bodies with Hanna Flint

    We talk disordered eating, body image and diets through the prism of pop culture, with Hanna Flint, the author of Strong Female Character. Is there such a thing as a "responsible" way to depict an eating disorder? Can we ever forgive Richard Curtis for what he did to Martine McCutcheon? And can we fairly say that we in a more body positive era when Ozempic is becoming more normal than ever? And has pop culture made us think that eating disorders are a White Girl Problem? We mention Love Actually, Bridget Jones Diary, The Whale, Heathers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Jacqueline Wilson, School of Rock, Queen Latifah, and the Special K "drop a jean size" challenge.
  • 22. Spice World: The Movie with Lauren Mayberry

    The 1990s answer to Hard Day's Night was Spice World: The Movie, 92 minutes of pure joy that also provides Baby's First Blueprint to how fame works when you're a young woman. We talk about Wannabe as the Kennedy Assassination for millennial women, the subtext of the Spice Girls songbook, the insane cameos, the incredible plot strands, and the sad uselessness of the pregnant friend.