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Sentient Hairstyles

Sentient Hairstyles Episode 4

Ben, The Urban Goose and Lightbreaker discuss James Bond theme songs; what makes a good one, and who should do the next one. There's the regular banter from Love is the Drug, the syllables game, and some outlandish new impressions.

Produced by Shane Mason.

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  • Sentient Hairstyles Episode 1

    In the inaugural episode, music nerds Ben Wuyts and Lightbreaker talk about songs that make them cry, challenge each other with unusual album reviews, find out which musical icons should face off in a cage fight, and take the name of Randy Newman in vain. Produced by Shane Mason.
  • Sentient Hairstyles Episode 2

    Ben and Lightbreaker get ready to rumble by picking their fighting songs, Ben reviews Excitable Boy by Warren Zevon, Lightbreaker reviews Designer by Aldous Harding, and the Sentient Hairstyles listeners chip in with some quality song suggestions.Produced by Shane Mason.
  • Sentient Hairstyles Episode 3

    Ben, The Urban Goose and Lightbreaker discuss their favourite concept albums, 5 songs to get someone into Queens Of The Stone Age, Lightbreaker review's Blur's 'Think Tank', Ben reviews 'Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash' by The Pogues, the Sentient Hairstyles listeners take Musician Cage Fights to the next level, and the boys introduce an exciting new segment.Produced by Shane Mason.
  • Sentient Hairstyles Episode 5

    After a short hiatus, Lightbreaker and Ben, The Urban Goose are back with the biggest topic yet; dream festival lineups. Elsewhere, Ben reviews 'Leviathan' by Mastodon, and Lightbreaker reviews 'Heigh Ho' by Blake Mills. There's also all the regular segments like Drug is The Love, Alternative Album Reviews, Impressions, and introducing the first Sentient Hairstyles skit.
  • Sentient Hairstyles Episode 6

    In the latest edition of Sentient Hairstyles, our gallant heroes Ben, The Urban Goose and Lightbreaker, break down the best of computer game music and soundtracks. Lightbreaker reviews 'Prince of Tears' by Baxter Dury, and The Urban Goose reviews 'Black Star' by Mos Def & Talib Kweli. All the classic segments keep getting stronger, we hear some commercials from Sentient Hairstyles TV, and the syllables game returns, much to Ben's chagrin.Listen to our Spotify playlist for this episode: