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  • 6. Thoughts on Death

    Acknowledgement of the inevitability of our meeting the end of our lives as we know it. Coming to terms with the passing of loved ones and life relations. Embracing the opportunity and possibility to continue to strive to to good and add value to our lives while we have the opportunity. Acknowledgment and appreciation to Maestro Ron Carter for referencing his recent documentary, "Ron Carter: Finding the Right Notes," produced by Produced by Partisan Pictures and presented by the Public Broadcasting Service.  Acknowledgment and appreciation to Ms Lisa McClendon for referencing her work, “Pause,” from her album Reality, published by BluSoul Worldwide.  

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  • 5. A Conversation about Gun Violence in the US

    The following cities are but a few that have recently recorded gun violence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Tulsa, Oklahoma – Uvalde, Texas – Laguna Woods, California – Buffalo, New York – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Biloxi, Mississippi – Brooklyn, New York – Sacramento, California – Dumas, Arkansas I had a conversation a few weeks ago with friends and former colleagues from different US cities. They shared their experiences and insights regarding the apparent increasing trend of gun-related violence in the US, especially that of so-called mass shootings.. My guests were: John Sullivan and Ismail Abdulaleem from Indianapolis, Indiana; Muaath Alkhattab, also from Indianapolis, but now living in Montgomery, Alabama; and Zubair Abdusshaheed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Each of my guests contributed unique insight on the topic.
  • 4. Episode 04 - Realigning the Program Focus

    Transitioning to a New Focus Since our last episode, the podcast has evolved in terms of focus and overall approach. First of all the program title is now "Life Moments Global Podcast." Secondly, we hope to expand interests to topics from different international perspectives.
  • 3. Episode 03 - Defining Seniors & Elders

    Welcome again to another episode of the podcast, "SeniorLife . . . ElderWisdom." General Premise The intention of this program is to provide a forum to discuss the life experiences and insights of older generations, and the challenges to maintain a sort of continuum between older and younger generations. In order to proceed with as clear a focus possible, it would do well to define -- for the purposes of this program -- the concepts of "Senior" and "Elder." In this segment, I will discuss the concepts of "Senior" and "Elder" as I seek a baseline frame of reference for the program. While the generally accepted definition of "Senior" relates more to that of a senior citizen, especially in western thinking, my intention is to relate the concept of senior to our older generations.As for the concept of Elder, while an elder can most certainly be an older individual, we might also see that elders can be younger than the accepted age range for seniors, and yet have significant impact on younger individuals or groups.To be sure, this topic will need more discussion and the possible collaboration of additional contributors to the conversation.Comments, feedback, or suggestions, For comments, questions, or suggestions, please email: ibrahim4coaching@gmail.comYour privacy and your address will not be used or shared for any other purposes, especially without your permission.Thank you again.Ibrahim
  • Senior Life - Elder Wisdom Podcast

    In this second episode, I introduce a brief summary of my life being born and raised in the 50s and living through the 60s.
  • 1. Senior Life - Elder Wisdom Podcast

    With this new show, we will discuss aspects and insights of Seniors and Elders, and how our lives provided the backgrounds and foundations for our generation to grow and develop over the years. We will take a look at current life trends and their impact on our lives as well as the lives and affairs of younger generations.This is not an analytical broadcast. Moreso, it is the effort of one layperson to share my experiences in life and a reflection of how life for younger generations is also impacted by the trends and influences around them.This is not a representation of any particular political, social, or cultural organization, aside from my personal practice and living.Looking forward to engaging conversations, and insightful discussions . . . with hope for benefit and value across all generations.Thank you.Ibrahim7kPYFSOSPg0IH3WfytLp