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  • 1. Finding your passion can change everything - My Story

    Welcome to "Selfcare with Tripps of Somerset," the podcast that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary self-care experiences. I'm Tracey, your guide on this fragrant journey toward wellness and joy.In each episode, we'll explore the art of intentional self-care, drawing inspiration from the therapeutic world of scented candles and the values that define Tripps of Somerset. From heartwarming stories to practical self-care tips, this podcast is your sanctuary for all things wellness.Join me as we unravel the transformative power of scents, the beauty of sustainable living, and the profound significance of self-care in our daily lives. Together, let's embrace the little moments that make life fragrantly beautiful.Are you ready to embark on this odyssey of self-care? Tune in to "Selfcare with Tripps of Somerset" and let the journey begin.