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Episode 332 - Spider-Man: Far From Home & Domino

Ep. 332

This week on the podcast, Greg and Casey swing into theaters to see Spider-Man: Far From Home, while Dan stays at home and watches the latest film from Brian DePalma (Domino.) Does the new Marvel offering spin a irresistible web, and has one of cinema's master filmmakers whiffed this one? You'll find out!

But first, we talk about the latest announcements in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, talk about movies like Child's Play (2019), Avengement, Always Be My Maybe, Young Sherlock Holmes, Midsommer, and much more. 

Listen up, y'all!

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  • Time Bandits - Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

    For more Time Bandits, subscribe here:'re back! Back in time... for a brand-new episode of the new season of Time Bandits. This time around, we're going to travel 40 years into the past to celebrate a film of our choice, and along the way we'll be making throwback playlists based on the month of 1980 we end up visiting.This episode, we are going to check out the Roger Corman produced Star Wars also-ran titled Battle Beyond the Stars! Or is it Battle Amongst the Stars? Either way, this movie is the beginning of a number of major motion picture careers James Cameron who picked up the slack behind the scenes with special effects, ship-building and more. Not only that, this film serves as the meeting-point for some very important movie relationships that would lead to the creation of some huge, huge movies! So were we dazzled by the stories behind the movie more than the movie itself, or is it a really entertaining and charming film? We've got your answers!And finally, all three of us have added tracks to the first-of-many Time Bandits Playlists! Check out the tracklisting below and click here to go listen for yourself!The Clash - Bank Robber Adam & The Ants - Physical (You're So) The B-52's - Give Me Back My Man Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House George Benson - Give Me the Night Paul Simon - Late in the Evening The Associates - The Affectionate Punch Olivia Newton-John - Magic Pat Benatar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes Paul Simon - One-Trick Pony
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  • 330. Episode 330 - John Wick 3 & Andy The Talking Hedgehog

    This week on the podcast, we are locked and loaded to see the latest in the heralded action franchise that is... John Wick. Plus, we check in with a little talking hedgehog who has gotta go fast... no wait, not that one... it's Andy the Talking Hedgehog! Starring Tara Reid and Dean Cain.All of this, plus we talk about some of the latest trailers for Angel Has Fallen, Picard, and Terminator. We also dive into some movie news regarding Stephen King adaptations, anime adaptations and much much more. Thanks for listening!
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    This week on the podcast, Greg and Casey got to see Jordan Peele's US and are back to tell us their thoughts. Dan stayed home, and begrudgingly watched Trading Paint starring John Travolta. Plus, they talk about movie news, trailers, stuff they've been watching, and so much more!
  • 327. Episode 327 - Captain Marvel & What Lies Ahead

    This week on the podcast, we discuss all the movie news that's fit to... talk about... on a podcast. Including Star Wars rumors, some trailers, and the James Gunn news. We also play another round of Film Roulette - Greg and Dan got to see Captain Marvel, while Casey had to stay home and watch What Lies Ahead. Maybe he will have some company? Finally, we talk about the self-titled album from Good Fuck. All of this, plus so much more!
  • 326. Episode 326 - Serenity, Sorry To Bother You & Little Italy

    On our latest episode of the podcast, Casey does some catch-up by checking out Sorry To Bother You, while Greg & Dan stay at home and try to figure out just what in the hell they were doing when they made Serenity (the new one, not the Firefly one.) Finally, Dan goes out on the town in Toronto with the Canadian rom-com that is Little Italy. As a punishment album, we talk about some wacky clowns with the new Insane Clown Posse record.All of this, plus lots of movie trailer reviews, discussions about what we've been watching lately, and so much more!