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Every week, BuzzFeed’s Ahmed Ali Akbar gathers folks together to drink tea, tell stories, and talk about being Muslim in America.

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  • Episode 11: RAD BROWN DADS

    This week, Ahmed talks immigration, work, and movies with two Rad Brown Dads: Jamil Ali, who has worked in the taxi industry since the ‘80s, and Dr. Waheed Akbar, Ahmed’s dad. Plus: Ahmed tries to speak Urdu and it is very bad. Please do not drag him on Twitter. For more adventures with Jamil Ali, follow our search for the best $1 chai in NYC: Join us for a live taping of See Something Say Something in New York on January 25th! Get your tickets here: Follow Ahmed at @radbrowndads. Find more episodes at

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  • Meme Squad

    Happy New Year! On this mini episode, Ahmed invites a real-life meme into the studio. You’ve probably seen Daniya Sayed's hilarious photo from prom on your Tumblr or Twitter dashboard. Ahmed talks to Daniya about her rise to virality, how memes can change perceptions of Muslims, and why she’s so SHOOK to be in the studio. Also! We have a live show coming up at The Green Space at WNYC on January 25th! Buy tickets at this link: Follow Ahmed at @radbrowndads, Follow Daniya at @daniyasaur.
  • Episode 10: Jingle Bells Mubarak

    It’s the most hegemonic time of the year and Ahmed wants to complain about it. But Christmas deserves a fair shake too, so he brings Eid Elfs Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed and Salimah Fatimah Mohamed to explain why they love the holiday season. They play some games, discuss the differences between Christmas and Eid, and talk about Christmas music. Plus: we’re gonna have a liveshow! Follow Ahmed at @radbrowndads, Follow Salimah at @salimahfm, Follow Taz at @@TazzyStar. Get Taz’s Christmas mixtape here:
  • Episode 9: Zayn

    This week Ahmed brings on BuzzFeed news editor Sara Yasin as cohost to talk about Zayn Malik, pop icon. They’re joined by Zayn Malik scholar Fariha Roisin and twitter badass Farwa Zaidi to talk about Zayn’s zolo career, what it means to them to have a brown Muslim sex symbol, and the significance of power couple Zayn and Gigi. Plus, Sara brings Ahmed a special surprise. Follow Ahmed at @radbrowndads, Follow Sara at @missyasin, Follow Fariha at @fariharoisin, Follow Farwa at @farwzz
  • Episode 8: Why Are Samosas In Every Single Book?

    Youth Lit authors Hena Khan and Sara Farizan talk about writing young Pakistani and Iranian characters, and wonder why every single book set in South Asia includes samosas. Plus, they give Ahmed some writing advice and read from their own work. Hena shares an excerpt from her forthcoming novel "Amina's Voice," and Sara reads from "Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel". Follow Ahmed at @radbrowndads Follow Hena at @henakhanbooks Follow Sara at @SaraFarizan Find a list of books recommended by Hena and Sara at
  • Episode 7: Wookies Are Muslim

    Reza Aslan no longer wants to go on cable news and have to answer questions like "Does Islam promote violence?" Instead, he wants to focus on making a new sitcom for ABC, among other things. Hear why he thinks pop culture and storytelling is the real key to helping change American minds about Muslims. Follow Reza at @rezaaslan. Check out Secret Life of Muslims: Our music is by The Kominas. Listen to "Stereotype" and more at Find past episodes at
  • Episode 6: College

    NYU freshmen Romaissaa Benzizoune and Zainab Babikir talk about what it feels like for them to be visibly Muslim on a college campus right now. Plus, Tabir really wants to know what cool things teens like. Follow Zainab at @freethelioness. Read Romaissaa's writing: "I’m Muslim, but My Roommate Supports Trump": "At the Beach in My Burkini": Follow Ahmed at @radbrowndads. Follow Tabir at @tabir. Email us at Find past episodes at