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#2 Justin Simien: A storyteller with questions, not answers

Season 1, Ep. 2

Justin Simien is a writer and storyteller. He wishes his Seen List ended there. Instead, Justin recalls a youth of isolation as “the only black kid” in grade school and his later role as a “blaxpert” in workplaces. Justin and Miranda discuss race in the workplace and how snap judgements limit our ability to see the intricacies of one another’s lives. “People think they know who I am based on the title of my work” explains the creator of “Dear White People,” a movie turned Netflix show. Because of the controversial nature of his work, Justin is perceived as a cultural commentator with answers, but he prefers to been seen as a storyteller with questions.

"Dear White People" returns to Netflix May 4th, 2018

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Guest: Justin Simien

Host: Miranda Wylie

Producer: Myrriah Gossett

Editing by: Sarah Kaye Mohammad

Mixing by: Andrew Mohammad

Music by: Solid State Dream Suit

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