SEEN with Miranda Wylie

SEEN is a show about identity that asks: How are you seen? Labels are complicated, communication is challenging, identity is nuanced. None of us are exactly as we appear to strangers, friends, or even ourselves. And yet, now more than ever we are all trying to be SEEN.

Feeling seen is powerful. To honor that power, the SEEN podcast asks guests to prepare a list recounting the ways they been viewed, judged, rendered invisible, or wholly seen by themselves, their loved ones, and strangers. With the SEEN List as our guide, a conversation about experienced and presumed identities unfolds with one central question asked: How are you seen?

Host Miranda Wylie's SEEN List ranges from her childhood label of "preacher's daughter," to her adult persona of "sexpert." Her desire to create a platform for others' rich and complicated stories lead to the creation of BedPost Confessions, an award-winning live storytelling show that “stuns audiences with the power of story” (The Austin Chronicle). The ex-New Yorker turned Austinite is a storyteller who advocates for sexual literacy and emotional justice, and whose feminist lens serves her in raising two young boys in Texas.