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Episode 9: Get Your Highlighters Out

See Also is a weekly dispatch that connects the dots of pop culture, with plenty of further reading and ideas to Add To Cart – or at least Open in New Tab.

It's a recommendation-heavy ep, babe. This week, Kate and Brodie are talking periods and dramas, specifically the ruffles and corsets that typify their presence on our screens.

Do we do Bridgerton?

Do we remember anything that happened in Downton Abbey?

Do we want to watch any period drama about straight people?

The answer to all three is the same!

Further watching

BBC Pride & Prejudice series and the movie with Keira Knightley and Tom from Succession

Brideshead Revisited

Tipping the Velvet

Portrait of a Lady on Fire


The Favourite

Marie Antoinette – listen to the Criterinot podcast on it

Further reading

That Cosmo article on period dramas

Then we talk about our failsafe comfort watches and self-diagnosing with specific TV shows and albums.

Further reading

Emily in Paris and the rise of ambient TV

The psychology of comfort watching

And in anticipation of Jinxy's big trip, we break down the rules around plane-watching (and reading). It's a thing!

Further watching

Nuclear Family by Ry Russo–Young (on Binge in Australia)

Further reading

That phenom Bjork interview Brodie cried about


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