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Episode 23: Bad Bitch (NZ Accent)

** This episode contains spoilers for Nope, from 14:45**

See Also is a weekly dispatch that connects the dots of pop culture, with plenty of further reading and ideas to Add To Cart – or at least Open in New Tab.

This week, Kate and Brodie dial in to discuss the Emmys, audiobooks and the Emily in Paris Industrial Complex. Then, it's a spoiler-filled discussion of Jordan Peele's latest, 'Nope'. If you haven't seen it, turn back now, go to the frickin movies and come back to this ep later. We mean it!!!! (Or just skip to 42:45 to avoid hearing any experience-ruining spoilers of the movie.)

See Alsos

Travis the Menace

Charla Nash on Oprah and on Today

What does the alien in Nope mean? – from Vulture

Jordan Peele doing Anatomy of a Scene for NY Times

Interview with Nope costume designer Alex Bovaird

Watch OJ Made in America by Ezra Edelman

Nope cast roundtable from EW

A list of Black Horror Films

Also Alsos

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See Also is a weekly dispatch that connects the dots of pop culture, with plenty of further reading and ideas to Add To Cart – or at least Open in New Tab.This week, Kate and Brodie are debriefing on the men who eat chicken and the non-binary drummers who shill it in ads. They marvel at the items up for auction from Joan Didion's home, and dig into the latest instalments in the Don't Worry Darling Extended Universe (aka My Policeman and The Wonder). Then, they catch up on season 2 of The White Lotus and realise Mrs Harris Goes to Paris is a real-life version of a very special little bear's journey to the big city. Also: Alsos!See AlsosTaylor Swift's High Infidelity – the riot edit and the Calvin/Tom theoryRotisserie chicken guyChrishell and G Flip on Halloween'An American Icon: Property from the Collection of Joan Didion - November 16, 2022'Alba Thermal Springs and SpaMichael Farneti's album 'Looking For a Goddess' + song The RiverMeet the SAHG (stay at home girlfriends) of TikTok!!!The White LotusMike White interviewed by Naomi Fry on the New Yorker Radio HourEmily the Criminal is now on Apple TVEnlightenedFlowersBeatriz at Dinner (on SBS)Mrs Harris Goes to ParisInterview with costume designer Another Year (and all the Lesley x Mike Leigh joints!)Phantom ThreadAlso Alsos WORM ALSO: ModBed Balcony Garden & Compost BundleWATCH ALSO Buying Beverly Hills (on Netflix)LISTEN ALSO: Drugdealer Hiding in Plain SightSHOES ALSO: ORTOREX™ slippersDRINK ALSO: Molly Rose Brewing CoSKIN ALSO: Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti Friction StickFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast