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Episode 20: This Is My Life (Toy Poodle Episode)

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This week, Kate and Brodie are talking about The Girls™️: Nora, Meg, Samantha and Gabby. It's our first Toy Poodle Episode (you'll see why) and it's all about Nora Ephron's 1992 directorial debut, This is My Life. There might not be Also Alsos this week, but don't worry, there's still plenty of further reading and ideas to Add To Cart – or at least Open in New Tab.

Starring Julie "literal Marge Simpson" Kavner as hopeful stand-up comic Dottie Ingils, and Samantha Mathis and Gabby Hoffman as her daughters Erica and Opel, This is My Life is about everything that matters: mums! daughters! sisters! ambition! Carrie Fisher!

Co-written by Nora and her sister Delia, the film was adapted from Meg Wolitzer's novel This is Your Life. As a special treat for us and you, Meg was kind enough to write in to See Also with her memories of having her book adapted by Nora.

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  • 77: Dropping Hints

    See Also is now on Patreon!When you pop over to and sign up to be an official member of the Hogg Hive, you'll receive:Ad-free episodes each week – starting with tomorrow's!A minimum of 6 extra ad-free episodes of See Also every year – including over the holidays. No days off!Weekly posts in your email with all the episode links and show notesAccess to special Q&A episodes & occasional bonus episodes – the first of which is waiting for you right now!Further discounted codes for live showsOur eternal love, duh 💞Tickets for our next live show are on sale now!We'll be joined by iconic guests Courtney Barnett and Stella Mozgawa at SEE ALSO AL FRESCOMalthouse Outdoor Stage, Saturday 3 February 2024 – 8pmBuy your tickets with the code seealsoalfrescoThis week, Kate and Brodie are back from the movies and ready to debrief. Jinxy celebrated the opening of Lorne Cinema with a screening of Stop Making Sense, and Brodie loved Beyoncé's concert film, but why does everything need to be 3 hours long? Jinx is more of a Solange girl and one thing we can agree on is being absolutely chilled by Jonathan Glazer's The Zone of Interest. Our friend and card-carrying member of the Hogg Hive, Tam Zimet, dials in from a Q&A with mutha Joanna in Edinburgh, and got the scoop of Tilda's alibi for missing it. We decide we're not Girls on Top girls but we support the lowercase-G girls regardless. Then we visit the Michigan farm of Lara, the deeply normal protagonist of Ann Patchett's Tom Lake who had a very abnormal youth, as an actress and lover of an actor we think might actually have been based on Tom Hanks.Next week: Jinxy is joined by Chelsea Fairless for the Happiest Season poodle episode. After that, we'll be on a holiday break – unless you're a subscriber. Sign up at to hear a couple of extra episodes over the holidays, otherwise we'll be back in the new year! See AlsoHow to PracticeLisa Barlow auditioning for Our TownThese Precious DaysAlso AlsosAgnès Varda: Director's Inspiration (a recommendation for Kate's girlfriend to buy her for Christmas)Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul Australian tourtime.isMountain Eye HobartGreta Gerwig interviewed by Jesse ArmstrongFluffy browsFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast
  • 76: Just Facts, Babe

    Tickets for our next live show are on sale now!We'll be joined by iconic guests Courtney Barnett and Stella Mozgawa at SEE ALSO AL FRESCOMalthouse Outdoor Stage, Saturday 3 February 2024 – 8pmBuy your tickets with the code seealsoalfrescoThis week, Jinxy is back from India and ready to chat about a very slippery massage, being trapped in a sauna, seeing Priscilla, Real Housewives of Sydney's Biv-pigs and A Very Jewish Christmas Carol. BL is back from the recent indie sleaze past, had a religious experience seeing Tracey Emin this week and couldn't cope with the singing in a recent musical film.Then it's time to talk about SALTBURN, director Emerald Fennell's latest movie that just didn't hit for us. We talk about the critical response, and Ms Fennel's response to it, Jacob Elordi bathwater (BL will buy a six-pack), the suspension of period sex disbelief and when referencing other works falls apart.If you're yet to see Saltburn and want to avoid SPOILERS, SKIP FROM 36.53 - 58.41See Also"The Wildness of Barry Keoghan" in GQ from last yearThe English Eccentrics by Edith Sitwell from 1933Truman Capote's "La Côte Basque, 1965”Saltburn: Can posh people write good class satire?"A whiff of misogyny.”Also AlsosEl Rahman Inc. @InstagramMedicins sans Frontieres D.S and Durga Portable Christmas Tree candle Sylvie touring across the east coast in DecemberE Nolan shirts Art Garments vintageFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast
  • 75: Suspiria (1977) + Suspiria (2018)

    Get the sky out of the wardrobe because it's (almost) equinox time, babe. This week, Kate and Brodie dance over to the Markos Academy to talk about a pair of Poodles. First, Dario Argento's Suspiria, which Jinxy declares the best-looking film of all time. We talk about how weather is the fifth character, asking the witches "who are your guys?", Dario Argento is the Kris Jenner of Giallo film, Udo Keir hot??, starlet things!!!Then we pop over to 2018 for Luca Guadagnino's remix of Suspiria. The dream sequences are very mirror, father, mirror, it's all *so* German, how it's similar to Eva Longoria's Flamin' Hot Cheetos movie, why Chloe Grace Moretz (like One Direction) will never be iconic, Paris Bar, don't order oysters in Berlin, Helena Markos's little hands, THEE Wall, Time Out Berlin says the Markos Academy is so hot, Tilda doing bits.See AlsosRussian synchronised swimmers at the 2012 OlympicsArgento in AnOther magazineInterview with Jessica HarperHarvey Sutherland Neurotic merch inspired by Neu!Argento in InterviewIn FabricBerberian Sound StudioBaader Meinhof Complex film (2008)Documentary "A German Youth"Piece on the 2018 prostheticsLuca Guadagnino on IndieWire podcastNate Jones's primer on German history Stacie Ponder's 'Final Girl' blog about the feminist art references/appropriationsLuca Guadagnino being silly in VultureFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast
  • 74: Bikini Elvis

    Tickets for our next live show are on sale now!We'll be joined by iconic guests Courtney Barnett and Stella Mozgawa at SEE ALSO AL FRESCOMalthouse Outdoor Stage, Saturday 3 February 2024 – 8pmBuy your tickets with the code seealsoalfrescoThis week, Jinxy is in home reno mode and her two-factor-authentication era, she had her Mecca Aesthetica Facial and we both want to be tucked in, BL had a flop evening in the city, Jinxy is going back to India to do some A&R for the local serenaders. We announce our next live show, and move into a major reality tv recap. On Selling Sunset season 7, Marie-Lou is coming for Chrishell with crusty lips, everyone is bringing blankets, a scary Vanderpump Rules connection, dinners on 360 rooftop, Bikini Elvis playing at The Wet Area tonight, the motivational speaker's 62 attributes on his soulmate treasure list. Then it's housewives time: Real Housewives of Sydney are all giving puppy, Sutton on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wore pants for nothing, a post-season post-mortem on Real Housewives of New York, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are facing a lawsuit and going Mommy Dearest.See AlsoCharlie Shackleton's cinematic protest film 'Paint Drying' is playing at QGOMA as part of the Cinema Obstructed series he also co–curated 10–29 NovHunter Harris's newsletter, Hung UpReal Housewives Smoking's postLuxe Listings Sydney S3 on Amazon Prime Also AlsosDINE ALSO: Raja Sydney, an Indian restaurant on Kellett St, Potts PointBAG ALSO: Pali Baskets – from Abbotsford Convent Regional Farmers' Market or online LISTEN ALSO: The New Yorker Critics at Large podcastSTATIONERY ALSO: Midori MD Notebooks from Bookbinders – specifically the 'A5 - Codex 1 Day 1 Page' and the 'A5 - Dot Grid'SUSTAINABILITY ALSO: Black Fridye by Citizen WolfKIMCHI ALSO: The house brand kimchi from KT Mart on Elizabeth StFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast
  • 73: Look Good, Feel Weird

    This week, Kate and Brodie recap the last few weeks of movies, meals and parties. Jinx went to see the girlbosses at SXSW Sydney, heard about Naomi Watts' menopause products, learned she's married to Billy Crudup and barely saw Nicole Kidman's ankles. She did not cook her own meat at Le Foote and visited Vermuteria, meanwhile BL remembers a fight she had with Siri in The Rocks and recounts a night at French Saloon. Together they went to celebrate Melbourne icon Beci Orpin's birthday, and reminisce about their prom looks – one of which was far more iconic than the other. Then, they recap the movies they've seen recently and discuss how JTFirstman makes fun of himself in Rotting in the Sun, You Hurt My Feelings is the film of the year, why can't everyone make movies like Far From Heaven, we both liked the kooky A Haunting in Venice, The Exorcist: The Believer is trash, remember the tiny sunglasses in My Best Friend's Wedding.Also: Alsos!Also AlsosCOMEDY ALSO: Zoë Coombs Marr's new show Every Single Thing in My Whole Entire Life (A Perpetual Work in Progress) is on at Comedy Republic on 23 November and 7 DecemberSWIM ALSO: YouSwimPROTECT ALSO: Moth spray from GramQUIZ ALSO: Trivia @ the Keys on Wednesday NightsSTORE ALSO: Kowtow has opened on Gertrude St in Melbourne!CLASS ALSO: BL is hosting a Writer's Vic event on writing and money on November 28Find us on Instagram @seealsopodcast
  • Episode 72: How Long Gone Girls

    This week, Kate and Brodie link up with Chris Black and Jason Stewart, hosts of the podcast How Long Gone. They were in Melbourne for How Long Gone: A Live Experience as part of the Eighty-Six Festival. The morning after the after-party, we regrouped to hear about how Melbourne is better in every way (bar one) than Copenhagen, what Mauricio is up to when the cameras aren't rolling, and what's going on in butter trends right now. And we share some local intel with them, including the saga of Schapelle Corby, who gets to do TED Talks here, and how Evan Dando is connected to Sydney (and its women).See AlsoBL's profile on Troye Sivan is the cover story in this weekend's Good Weekend (in The Age and SMH)Also AlsosChris recommendsFancy Italian toothbrushesOfficine Universelle BulyThe Belair Lip BombsJason recommendsJulie RestaurantThis movie called PriscillaNPCedeKate recommendsART ALSO: Marc Hundley monograph The Voyage Out (see also: Chris's recent interview with Marc in GQ)SYDNEY ALSO: Amuro – new Japanese sake spot in Surry HillsLISTEN ALSO – Autumn Mix by Arp / Alexis Georgopoulos on NTSBrodie recommendsWATCH ALSO: Melbourne Queer Film Festival, which runs 9-19 NovemberSNACK ALSO: The prawn cocktail from the Royal Oak HotelSTRETCH ALSO: Free Pilates in the Park with Sebastian Coles at MPavilion – Tue 5, 12 and 19 December 2023, 7am—8amFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast
  • Scream trilogy redux (Toy Poodle episode)

    A spooky season re-release for the girls and ghouls. This week, Kate and Brodie are heading back to Woodsboro, back to where it all began the night Casey Becker got a phone call from someone will a love of scary movies. That's right baby, we're talking about Wes Craven's Sidney Prescott trilogy: Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3.PSA: We're poodling Suspiria (Dario Argento, 1977) and Suspiria (Luca Guadagnino, 2018) on a future episode. This is your notice to start heading to dance school.See AlsosThe Ringer's SCREAM oral history (read / listen)On Scream 3's Harvey Weinstein analog, and Rose McGowan's bookBL's article on Sid and survivors (it's not very good!!)@cyguy83 on Instagram (not CyGuy88 as Brodie called him in the ep)The Final Girls podcast Drew Barrymore's haunting talk show interview with the cast promoting 5cream, and talking about her role in the originalWatch AlsoBlack ChristmasFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast
  • Episode 70: Oily Little Piggies

    This week, Kate and Brodie discuss their weekend with escapist viewing, rewatching AbFab, imagine Rory Gilmore's sexts, Brodie getting a facial and realising she isn't an influencer, Jinxy getting a life-changing Abhyanga massage and experiencing a chill boat fire, Julia Garner's frizzy hair in the outback on SXSW Sydney opening night, the Real Housewives of Sydney want to know if diversity has gone too far, should we go see Morgan Wade?, Brodie is interviewing a pop starlet, Pete from Mad Men being an ascetic. Also: Alsos!See AlsoFollow @dreamtime–aroha – blak-owned business, artists also looking after community – for ways to donate, pay the rent and pay it forwardDonate to their Christmas Food Vouchers for Mob & Allies in Need gofundme 7am podcast's 'The Fight for a Voice' seriesOne Big LoveMecca AestheticaGet tickets to BL's event Desire, I Want To Turn Into You: Caroline Polachek In ConversationBL's piece on Real Housewives of SydneyAlso AlsosLISTEN ALSO: ABC RN'S Big Ideas podcastJAM ALSO: France @ Home, source of the Bonne Maman advent calendar (read also: Grub Street's 'Jarheads' piece)DINE ALSO: The simple thing of Having People Over For DinnerFOLLOW ALSO: Nasunochorakuji on YouTube and TiktokSIP ALSO: SENZA aperitifsFOLLOW ALSO: @CinemaSpellsFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast
  • Episode 69: See Also Live at The Wheeler Centre

    This week, Kate and Brodie are live on stage at The Wheeler Centre, as part of their Spring Fling program! They cover their cosmic vibes for Q4 and Jinxy presents BL with a surprise gift from the hot priests of Venezia. Then, they're joined by Maria Angelico to talk about The Newsreader season 2, her origins on iconic Australian TV shows and her choice for a very special mini poodle chat: Muriel's Wedding. You'll hear us talk about Orgasms, Tilda Swinton, Simon Baker nee Denny, and you'll hear our surprise special guest Harvey Sutherland's original mashup of Dancing Queen x the See Also theme song. Stick with us: we're wicked too.See AlsoTrue Obsession with John Early & Toni ColletteMatt Day in Love & Other Catastrophes (1996)Matt Day in My Year Without Sex (2009)Unofficial merch by Human Boy WorldwideLove Serenade (1996)Making Muriel on ABC iViewMe, Myself, I (2000)Celebrity Big Brother Australia (2002)THE FACE's oral history of the Waterloo sceneAlso AlsosKateDINE ALSO: Julie, the new spot at Abbotsford ConventREAD ALSO: Corita Kent: Ordinary Things Will Be Signs for Us"BrodieSIP ALSO: Capi tonic waterLIP ALSO: M·A·C Cosmetics Velvet Blur Slim Stick LipstickMariaVACCUUM ALSO: The Roborock S7TEETH ALSO: Waterpik cordless flosserHarvey SutherlandDUB ALSO: Babylon + Lovers Rock, screening at Thornbury Picture House with an intro by Dennis Bovell, as part of The Eighty-Six FestivalMeg (aka KUZCO)POSTER ALSO: Food For EveryoneFind us on Instagram @seealsopodcast