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Episode 20: This Is My Life (Toy Poodle Episode)

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This week, Kate and Brodie are talking about The Girls™️: Nora, Meg, Samantha and Gabby. It's our first Toy Poodle Episode (you'll see why) and it's all about Nora Ephron's 1992 directorial debut, This is My Life. There might not be Also Alsos this week, but don't worry, there's still plenty of further reading and ideas to Add To Cart – or at least Open in New Tab.

Starring Julie "literal Marge Simpson" Kavner as hopeful stand-up comic Dottie Ingils, and Samantha Mathis and Gabby Hoffman as her daughters Erica and Opel, This is My Life is about everything that matters: mums! daughters! sisters! ambition! Carrie Fisher!

Co-written by Nora and her sister Delia, the film was adapted from Meg Wolitzer's novel This is Your Life. As a special treat for us and you, Meg was kind enough to write in to See Also with her memories of having her book adapted by Nora.

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