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Episode 19: Corporate Coven

See Also is a weekly dispatch that connects the dots of pop culture, with plenty of further reading and ideas to Add To Cart – or at least Open in New Tab.

This week, Kate and Brodie are having fun with late-stage capitalism. Someone's gotta do it!! We talk about two new comedies that tackle wealth, class and contemporary America: Killing It (on Stan in Australia) and Loot (Apple TV+). We also debrief on the recent profile on Audrey Gelman in Vanity Fair.

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COOK ALSO: Khanh Ong's Bo Ne recipe

WATCH ALSO (Aus): The Passengers of the Night – watch it on MIFF Play from August 12-28

READ ALSO (Article): It’s Time to Stop Living the American Scam by Tim Kreider

WATCH ALSO (UK): The Newsreader is now on BBC 2 & BBC iPlayer player in the UK

READ ALSO (Book): Little Weirds by Jenny Slate – buy tickets to see BL's event with her at Melbourne Writers Festival here

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