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Episode 17: Letting Everything In Again

See Also is a weekly dispatch that connects the dots of pop culture, with plenty of further reading and ideas to Add To Cart – or at least Open in New Tab.

This week, Kate and Brodie are having such a nice time. Or maybe a manic episode? They chat about packing light and deleting Twitter, before discussing Isobel Beech's new novel, Sunbathing. Then, Jinxy gives us her standouts and suggestions from MIFF – tickets for which are on sale now!

Also: Alsos!

See Alsos

To see Kate's picks from the MIFF program, head to @seealsopodcast on Instagram. You can request a personalised recommendation from @katejinx.

MIFF is in cinemas 4–21 August. If you're elsewhere in Australia, you can watch select films online via MIFF Play from 11–28 August.

Also Alsos

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