Securing Digitalization


Cybersecurity in times of Covid-19

Season 1, Ep. 1

No, no, despite our clear views on the matter, it’s still not over. The pandemic is alive and well, and we all have to deal it. In this – our premier – episode of the Siemens Cybersecurity Podcast, Siemens’ Chief Cybersecurity Officer Natalia Oropeza and Cybersecurity expert Mirko Ross discuss what work is like during Corona, how Siemens has handled an increased number of attacks during Covid-19, the challenges of complexity, and other Cybersecurity lessons learned during this time. Last but not least, as a special guest we have Christian Dameff, Medical Director of Cybersecurity at the University of California San Diego, who informs us on the intersection of Cybersecurity and patient safety. 

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