Securing Digitalization


Cybercrime and Ransomware Attacks

Season 1, Ep. 5

Cybercriminals want your money – and their favorite weapon of choice are ransomware attacks. It’s a multi-billion-dollar business, going after industry, municipalities, service providers – and among the latter hospitals and healthcare providers, which have been targeted even during the pandemic. As repulsive as these actions are, there is no need for you to become a victim, too. In this podcast, Natalia Oropeza, Siemens’ Chief Cybersecurity Officer, and cybersecurity expert Mirko Ross, talk about the most common patterns of these attacks – e.g., they mostly take place on the weekend or during the holidays. And with the help of guest expert Steffen Stang, responsible for products at Siemens Digital Industries, they give sound advice on how to protect yourself and your company.

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