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  • 10. Sex Games, Drugs, I Planned A Murder, Now I'm A Doctor - Jeff Smith Talks With Dr Reynolds Kairus

    Sex Games, Drugs, I Even Planned A Murder, But Now I'm A Doctor Saving Lives - Jeff Smith Talks With Dr Reynolds Kairus Dr Rey as he’s known by his friends is a medical doctor in New York. This is the ultimate underdog story, but he made it through to being Top Dog! Brought up by his mother on welfare in New York, he descended into the world of gangs, he dropped out of school, he was arrested, he was shot at, escaped on a motorcycle, and he planned a murder. Despite all of those things, he made it through to become a successful Medical Doctor & businessman who’s reached over 4 Million people

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  • 9. This Catastrophic Event Became The Greatest Success Story - Jeff Smith talks with Matt Shoup

    In today’s episode, Jeff Smith, The KPI Guy is talking with Matt Shoup Matt is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, aspiring paella chef, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and Spanish coffee addict. Now, I’ve mentioned all of these things because they’re all totally relevant to Matt’s life and his reason for being here on the show. Matt first found his love for business at 10 years old, when he started a mowing lawns to earn $200 for a boombox. Ten years later, while studying at Colorado State University, he learned about sales, marketing, and business operations. He made lots of money in college but then spent three times what he earned. In March of 2005, Matt got married, he was six figures in debt and working at a job he hated as a loan officer. After hitting rock bottom, he then founded a company with the last $100 he had to his name and the company grew to more than $35 million dollars in revenue.  He wrote his first book Become an Award Winning Company in 2011, and his second book called Painted Baby in 2023. He also has a passion to help others who are less fortunate, which is the Matt and Emily Shoup, Spain Study Abroad
  • 8. I ran the Firewalk events for Tony Robbins, here are my truths - Jeff Smith Talks with Dave Albin

    In today’s episode Jeff Smith, The KPI Guy, is talking with Dave AlbinDave is the #1 Firewalk Instructor in America. Firewalking is a 1,000 year old rite of passage ritual where you literally walk across hot burning coals.Dave worked with Tony Robbins for 20 years running his fire walk events, and he and Tony set a World Record in London in 2005 with more than 12,300 people walking barefoot over the burning coals. Then in 2014, Dave started his own business called Fire walk Productions and during his time, he’s fire walked hundreds of thousands of people. His success has a very dark, scary and violent past. On June 8th, 1988 he put a gun to his head to stop the excruciating pain from both drug and alcohol addiction and2023 will mark 35 years of sobriety. If you admire Tony Robbins, his work and his achievements, then this show is for you! Dave Albin is the guy who ran the amazing Fire Walks 🔥 for Tony for 20 years, and he's sharing his secrets here! In this episode, Dave lays bare his life, before, during and after his time with Tony, and believe me, it's very dark, very violent and very abusive.The secrets he shares are life-changing, they've changed my life, and they may change your life
  • 7. I did everything wrong, then I finally got it and here are my secrets - Jeff Smith talks with Jan Cavelle

    Jeff Smith, The KPI Guy, talks with Jan CavelleJan Cavelle is the author of Scale for Success and Start for Success, which are books aimed at helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses After having micro businesses in the past, things collapsed for Jan and she found herself as a single Mum on social support needing to make a future for her family.  She started off by selling an assortment of goods to get by, which refined itself into to being furniture. To ensure a steady supply, she went into manufacturing, built the business up to 50 employees and won many awards over the next couple of decades. But then she lost her passion and the reasons for doing it, coupled with increased problems having made errors in the foundations of the business and she walked away from it all, virtually overnight. But she soon got bored, she missed writing articles for business publications and decided to start writing books to help entrepreneurs. This is a story of starting up in business and getting the foundations completely wrong, losing your passion, and then following your childhood dreams to rediscover your passion and to live your life on purpose.
  • 6. The 6 Pillars of Executive Performance And Success - Jeff Smith Talks With Dr Corrie Block

    In today’s episode Jeff Smith, The KPI Guy, is talking with Dr. Corrie BlockCorrie is a leading expert in Business Strategy, Organizational Behaviour, and Leadership. He is the Professor of Strategic Management at Monarch Business School in Switzerland, and a Forbes Certified Executive Coach. He has over 25 years’ experience coaching and training and has worked with more than 150 companies such as Microsoft, Emirates Airline, and the United Nations. He is also the author of 2 acclaimed books:Spartan CEO: Six Pillars of Executive PerformanceBusiness is Personal: A Blueprint for Finding Meaning at Work This is going to be a story of personal development intertwined with business development, to explain what you are capable of achieving and of course how to achieve it.
  • 5. Down And Out On The Streets of Paris To Making A Million Dollars - Jeff Smith Talks with Jeanne Omlor

    In today’s episode Jeff Smith, The KPI Guy, is talking with Jeanne OmlorJeanne is a resilient lady who’s gone from being down and out on the streets of Paris and London to making her first $1 dollars in just 17 months. But her journey wasn’t as easy as you might think. She’s been a fashion designer, she became an actress, moved on to be a top executive recruiter in Wall street, became a professional coach and speaker, got divorced and ended up as a single mom with 2 kids to look after, she found herself in deep debt at the age of 54, and then finally, she found her magic formula and made over 2 million dollars in 3 years.   This is going to be an incredible story of resilience, fighting for survival, and finding yourself when everything was almost
  • 4. I was a corporate spy and here are all my secrets and lies - Jeff Smith talks with Robert Kerbeck

    In today’s episode Jeff Smith, The KPI Guy, is talking with Robert Kerbeck, the corporate spy! In the 1990s Robert had built for himself what most would consider a respectable acting career, but it wasn’t making him enough money to support the lifestyle he had envisioned. So, Robert got a side gig. That side gig was to become a spy! Yes! He got paid for tricking the people inside multibillion-dollar corporations into telling him things they definitely should not have told him. He charmed eager-to-please assistants, gaining their trust along with total access to a company’s most valuable information. His once promising acting career tailed off as he burrowed deeper and deeper into the world of corporate espionage, to the point where his income jumped from tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, and then to millions of dollars a year. His new book called “Ruse” which his memoir, has been released and is set to become a Hollywood