Second Features


Eskimo Nell (1975) with guest Professor Sue Harper

Season 1, Ep. 2

Here at last is the second episode of Second Features, featuring a lengthy discusion on Eskimo Nell (1975, Martin Campbell, UK), being embarrassed easily, the British sex comedy and whether it really was all that bad for the British film industry in the 1970s. Our guest is Professor Sue Harper, who has been involved in some fascinating research projects in this area. Her book, co-written with Justin Smith, is called British Film Culture in the 1970s: The Boundaries of Pleasure, and is essential reading.

Although she was too polite to mention it, Professor Harper is also an author of short stories, and you can find more details about those here:

Eskimo Nell is available on blu ray and DVD from 88 Films

The published screenplay by Michael Armstrong is available from Paper Dragon Productions

The music for this episode is a cover version of The Edgar Wallace Mysteries theme, performed by Oscar.

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