cover art for Season 4 Premiere Featuring Dontea' Mitchell Hunter

Black Therapist Podcast

Season 4 Premiere Featuring Dontea' Mitchell Hunter

Season 4, Ep. 1

In this episode of Black Therapist Podcast season premiere we unveil our new segment "What would you do?" would you rekindle a friendship after a betrayal.

We also interview Dontea' MItchell Hunter, LMFT. Working with families as a family and marriage therapist.

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  • 12. Motherless Men

    With the death of DMX we remember the motherless men impacted by trauma and why we have to create the space to care for them. 
  • 11. Toxic Christianity

    Derrick Jackson, Toxic Christianity and how women can free themselves from the oppressive nature of other’s interpretation of your spiritual walk and your emotional wellbeing; Featuring Christian Counselor Dr Juanita Warrren of Chaplaincy Services & Consulting, Inc.
  • 10. Covid shock

    Covid shock.. on this episode of the black therapist podcast we discuss what life will look like after the pandemic. The battle between faith and fear. And Yes I got my covid shot. 
  • 9. I'm not built for white tears...

    Cultural competence goes both ways. And there are new realizations every day to see just how important culture can be and even a divisive force. In politics, therapy and the workplace. When you can’t trust that someone of another culture shares your perspective on anything? How can you build trust.. Or is it even necessary? 
  • 8. Starting a Group Practice Part 2

    In part two of our episode with Dr Holly Sawyer, PHD we talk about the on going struggles between therapist and insurance companies and why it is so hard to find a clinician to take your insurance.. 
  • 7. From Private Solo Practice to Group Practice

    It is always fun when Dr Holly Sawyer PHD shows up and this time is no different. On this episode of Black Therapist Podcast we talk about transitioning from Private to Group Practice. The challenges of being a Black Woman Therapist BOSS.. and why hiring cross cultural presents a unique challenge. And the intimacies of doing Telehealth. This week is part One of our conversation tune in next week for Part Two.. 
  • 6. What is the Future of Social Work

    Is the future of social work robots? On this episode I answer views questions. Discuss how to be present for your clients when they need direct services and what to do if a client needs therapy but money is the main mental health struggle… 
  • 5. Sister Sister

    This holiday season presents an immense challenge for a lot of us and the number one problem I face both in my life and I see clients struggle with in my practice is building enforceable boundaries. In this episode we talk about enforcing boundaries with families while grieving and why being selfish is self preservation especially in the age of covid.
  • 4. My therapist.. the Trump Supporter? Nah Son

    The intersection of mental health, white supremacy, politics and marginalized members of society.. is deeply rooted in the mistrust of people of color and the mental health system like to hear about it here we go...