Searching for Shineys


Terry Phelan | Chelsea | Sticker No. 88 | 1997

Season 1, Ep. 11

Oh what a feelin’, we’ve found Terry Phelan! Terry ticks A LOT of 1990s boxes having played for The Crazy Gang, Jack Charlton’s Republic of Ireland plus loads of big Premier League clubs like Chelsea, Man. City, Everton and Leeds to name a few. He also played at the 1994 World Cup and transferred teams during the 1996/97 season and talks about both of those experiences on this podcast. This is our last show of ’Season One’ as we take a pre-season break, re-group and continue the search ahead of ’Season Two’ coming out later in the year. In the meantime, we have a fantastic 1990s game to keep you all busy with: Richie reveals all at the end. Thanks for listening and remember to #KeepItShiney

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