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We need to talk about meat!

Season 2, Ep. 10

A thought provoking conversation with Jeff Korsmit (@MangalitzaFarmerNL on Instagram) about his regenerative, organic, permaculture-led farming practices. Meat is hot topic of conversation right now, with many claiming meat is murder, meat production is inherently cruel, and damages the climate. It's a fascinating topic and Jeff has a pretty interesting view. He doesn't shy away from the fact the pigs, chickens, rabbits and lambs he produces are ultimately food! But have an important role to play in the health of the planet too.

We discuss the flaws in simplistic vegan anti-meat arguments, the ecological benefits of mixed, regenerative agriculture, the animal rights Vs animal welfare point of view. We explore permaculture principles, and the difference between small, local, sustainable food production and large scale, intensive monoculture systems.

We also get into a more personal topics talking about social media and mental health, and Jeff addresses the challenges and social isolation of being gay and a farmer in a rural setting. Jeff even breaks out of rugged farmer mode into a Ru Paul's Drag Race song rendition. We even talk about WWOOFing, but not the gay slang type. Don't miss it, it's a great conversation!

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Derek Gow: Rewilding Revolutionary!

Season 4, Ep. 1
A fascinating, hilarious and inspiring conversation with Derek Gow, an ecologist, reintroduction specialist, farmer and author of 'Bringing Back the Beaver'. Derek is well known for speaking out on the frustrations of our current systems and organisations in place to protect our natural landscapes and biodiversity. Or should that be to regulate our natural landscapes and attempts to restore biodiversity? In this episode he packs no punches in critiquing the bureaucracy and inertia of our conservation organisations. He suggests that perhaps we need to be bolder and get cracking right now on restoring nature on a larger scale and restore lost species as a matter of urgency.We discuss the psychology of humankind in historically conquering nature, obliterating species deemed harmful or indeed valuable to us, and reshaping the landscape in ways that have been immensely harmful to the natural world. We also explore Derek's varied career in farming, into global wildlife conservation, back to British wildlife conservation and most recently his pioneering role within the UK rewilding movement. Specifically his work from his Devon farm and collaborating with several other organisations in reintroducing threatened or extinct species, from water voles and harvest mice to beavers and white storks. If you're offended by crude language and straight talk, be warned. Personally I found Derek's refreshingly honest and bold approach truly inspiring. It's a compelling and humorous chat from a non-traditional nature conservationist not afraid to take risks or rock the boat! Sean's Wild Life podcast is produced and edited by Thomas Ntinas. Title track 'A Wild Life' kindly composed and donated by Mark Rose. Production costs are self funded by Sean McCormack, but donations to fund future episodes are welcome on Acast Supporter here: at photo credit: Magzter.