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Rewilding at Wild Ken Hill

Season 2, Ep. 6
I caught up with Dominic Buscall, project manager at Wild Ken Hill, a 4,000-acre ecological restoration and sustainable farming project that seeks to explore our land use and how farming, food production and nature can coexist.We talk about the three pronged approach Wild Ken Hill see as the way forward for their farm; regenerative agriculture, active nature conservation and rewilding. With the rewilding movement gaining more and more interest and mainstream media coverage, we talk about the much argued definition and practicalities of this dynamic, process driven approach that gives land back to nature and removes as much human intervention as possible. Restoring ecosystems, watching nature return, storing carbon, mitigating flooding, benefiting climate change and local communities and ultimately bringing life back to the land.We explore the amazing results already being seen on the farm, what threatened farmland species occur on site including bugs, birds, bats and more. Very excitingly we hear about the two new arrivals at the project who have been brought in as ecosystem engineers. Eurasian beavers, who will start driving new natural processes and creating incredibly biodiverse habitats. Exciting times ahead at Wild Ken Hill! I'm sure you'll find this discussion as fascinating and inspirational as I did.Sean's Wild Life podcast is produced and edited by Thomas Ntinas. Title track 'A Wild Life' kindly composed and donated by Mark Rose. Production costs are self funded by Sean McCormack, but donations to fund future episodes are welcome at