Naughty Naughty!

Hello, Serie A fan, The Azzurri are back in form after a disappointing start to the round, but do stand out performances from Kean and Raspadori signal the changing of the guard? We chat about that, plus look ahead to the weekend games as well as bringing you a special interview from Venezia fan Marco Rinaldi.

Running Order:

(00:00) Intros, drinks, and unpleasantries

(04:42) Italy return to winning ways with a resounding win against Lithuania

(09:48) interview with Venezia supporter Marco Rinaldi

(21:20) Atalanta vs Fiorentina preview

(24:34) Milan vs Lazio preview

(27:03) Napoli Vs Juventus preview

(30:04) Best of the rest: Diawara, Amrabat and Maleh safe following Guinean coup d'état

(30:27) KUWTI: Keeping up with the Italians

(32:38) Honourable and dishonourable mentions

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