Mae Riot's Screaming Twenties

  • 1. 1. An Audience With the King: Peta Lily and Parker Dee

    Mae Riot shares a cocktail with award-winning theatre maker and Dark Clown pioneer Peta Lily, and talks about her newest creation, Parker Dee: a drag king YouTube influencer who’s just trying to be a better man.Mae Riot IG: @Mae.RiotScreaming TwentiesIG: @screamingtwentiesPeta LilyIG: @petalilyX: @peta_lilyWorkshops, blog, and upcoming shows: www.petalily.comParker DeeIG: @parkerdeekingYouTube: @parkerdeekingParker Dee: Sensitive GuyCrazy Coqs, London28 Februrary 2024, 9.15 pm‘The Trying Game’ by Peta Lily ‘What We Gonna Do’ by Peta Lily and Roy Nicolson‘Cool Cats’ by SlipStreamwith James Sobol Kelly as Jimmy
  • Trailer: Welcome to the Screaming Twenties

    Meet Mae Riot. ...This calls for a drink.Mae RiotIG: @mae.riotScreaming TwentiesIG: @screamingtwenties'Cool Cats' by Slip Streamwith James Sobol Kelly as Jimmy